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  1. This is probably going to be my last post ever. It's been over a year and I am still completely clear without spironolactone or bp. Here's how I did it. I watched this video. Since I'm korean I have a tendency to watch korean beauty bloggers and luckily I stumbled across this goldmine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yal_YIJFqU&t=627s I bought the Zymogen serum off jolse.com and applied it twice a day every day. And that was that. When I decrease usage, I get a couple spots around m
  2. I feel u so much girl!! the bp killed my skin when i was using a pea sized amount of it in the morning every day or every other day, and the burning/dryness/pain NEVER let up throughout the three weeks I used it. I can't believe u lasted 14 weeks I heard some really good things about paula's choice bp treatment, so u could always try ordering a sample (which is like 6 bucks and free shipping) to test it. I actually just made a switch to tea tree oil, which worked fantastic for me but it's only
  3. oh dear good luck!! i hope 150 mg ends up well. i heard some ppl go up even to 200mg so don't give up hope if 150 doesn't turn out alright? yikes yeah bp just doesn't work for some ppl. :/// i'll update next month w my results, let me know how the 150mg works for u!
  4. START OF MONTH 2: So, I gave up on the Regimen. It's still kind of amazing saying that haha, but I don't regret it one bit. For a couple of reasons. First off, I hated the benzoyl peroxide treatment. I absolutely despised it. If you love the bp, kudos to u but it just didn't work out for me. I used a tiny pea-sized amount once a day every day or every other day for three weeks straight and the burning still wouldn't let up. I'm not talking about a little tingle either, it was painful enoug
  5. Oh god yea even now after months of using it I can only manage a small pea-size amount of the epiduo mixed in with my moisturizer. It's definitely really harsh. :(( I'm actually using a private dermatologist so idk if you can get a gp to prescribe spironolactone. You could still try though? I hope it works for u if u ultimately decide to go on spiro...
  6. 2) - 3) Scars can take a year or more to heal but if you exfoliate often and moisturize well, it might be gone or drastically reduced in about 3-4 months? I'm sorry that's not more specific, I can't really tell without knowing how deep they are :/// Also make sure u slap on sunscreen in the day! Ppl always forget this part -uv rays will darken your scars (hyperpigmentation) so they'll take longer to go away. Exfoliate often with chemical exfoliants (aha or bha) and try to avoid scrubs since t
  7. I COMPLETELY understand. I remember going to sleep crying over my skin, waking up and feeling dejected that nothing's gone away or gotten better. My family's been giving me tips for years, like ginseng pills and serums -none of which worked! I went on anti-androgen pills which finally gave me clear skin but I know it's not going to be a permanent fix so I'm trying to very slowly wean myself off them. At the same time I'm starting the Acne.org Regimen and I think now that I don't have acne, it's
  8. It might be a good idea to add a few drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizer/cleanser. Acne.org actually sells an amazing amount of jojoba oil for the price. The oil will soak into your skin and won't evaporate like water will so you're set for pretty much the whole day. If you have a slight sheen (which you prob will) split a tissue in two so you have a very thin sheet and blot your face after letting the oil soak in. Also make sure your cleanser is also hydrating and not stripping your skin
  9. Idk if its a good idea to go to spironolactone because it's like a milder form of accutane and might mess up your hormones even more. :((( It might be better to just use a prescription topical like Epiduo, which is reaaaaally nice but reaaaaaally expensive. It basically helps with all surface acne by smoothing and exfoliating your skin. I suggest going in for a consultation and asking for samples -and make sure u get plenty! Dermatology offices get a helluva lot of these samples from the drug co
  10. I used to have oily skin but now i'm on anti-androgen pills that make my skin thin and extremely dry. I tried the regimen years ago while I had my normal oily skin and the diff using it now is extreme because my oily skin was much thicker and could take the harsh dryness of the regimen much better. Now the regimen treatment is so painful! For me, what's working is very very small amounts of the bp treatment. Use it in less than pea-sized amounts (which still makes me tear up but idk how much y
  11. man I COMPLETELY understand. every time i talked to someone their eyes would go to my cheeks/forehead *cringes* GOOD LUCK! i hope the spiro works for u, or anything else but accutane really . leave that as a last option, that stuff is super harsh and i heard it's not permanent :// keep ur head up in school, it'll get better istg.
  12. just started my experiment eeek! excited/terrified/oh dear pls god don't let me wreck my skin TT-TT

  13. Hi, so you u guys probably heard my kind of story a million times. Hormonal acne since teenage years/forever, recent blowup in early twenties, yadda yadda. I didn't get clear until I started taking spironolactone. I was prescribed 100 mg for two months which did nothing but dry me out and cause more whiteheads, and then my dosage was increased to 150 mg and boom. I could feel the results in a day and see them in less than a week. Topical epiduo also helped smooth my skin when i used a pea
  14. gosh im so sorry u have to go thru that! are u a girl or boy? if you're a girl i think you should try spironolactone, it's literally the only thing that worked for me. after my skin blew up and i couldn't get it under control, my dermatologist told me it was hormonal acne and prescribed me spiro pills with a topical. spiro is an androgen blocker (androgens are the male hormones in your body causing the terrible acne). it's much safer than accutane but long term, and not cheap. i pay out of pocke
  15. hey kirks im so sorry about the crappy year with spiro. i definitely get how horrible it is in the beginning. :((( for me i had three months of shit before my dosage was upped from 100mg to 150mg and then i saw improvements almost immediately. i know u upped your dosage too but how much are u taking right now? everyone has a different threshold for spiro so if your amount isnt hitting the threshold then it doesnt matter how long u take it, it wont work....