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  1. Like far too many people, I work on the computer all day (a laptop). Recently, I started feeling pain in my wrists and thumbs. I'm lucky that where I work has an office devoted to ergonomic issues, so I went to talk about my issues and borrowed some RSI-friendly input devices. The ideal ergonomic state is to have your elbows at 90 degree angle and your screen barely below eye level. For me, this meant dusting off the never-used keyboard drawer, a second monitor, and trying an USB keyboard f
  2. About a week ago I tripped and instead of skinning my knee, I skinned a side of my face on pavement (I told you I was talented). I got two huge bloody scrapes on my face, one to the right of my chin, and one on my upper right lip. I've been doing the regimen for over year, with pretty good results. In general when I neglect the regimen, the acne comes back. For safety's sake, I decided to avoid putting benzoil peroxide anywhere near my cuts, but I'm healed enough to go back on it, and try to
  3. Both of my college roommates have PCOS (one was tested and one I don't think was). Both simply treat it with BC. In the case of one, she didn't know that she had it (she had the infrequent periods), and found out when she went on BC (the ring) for its intended purpose. I found out she went on BC about a month after she was on it, and when we talked about it, I had mentioned that I noticed her acne was much improved. My other roommate has known about her PCOS, its relationship to her weight f
  4. I've been on Solodyn for about three months. I'm really disturbed because I just found that the solodyn site says "Safety beyond 12 weeks of use has not been established. " My derm did not mention this to me. He only gave me more coupons for $50 off and asked if I had enough refills.
  5. Hello everyone. I am new here and I hope you all can help me out. I was disturbed by my last dermatologist appointment. I may be overreacting, but I'm not sure. I'm sorry that this is a bit long, but I want to give you all the background. After 10 years of being mad at my acne my mom sent me to a derm. I'm 20, and I live at my college. All my heath/doctor stuff is squeezed in during the few times of year when I am home since I am still on my parents' health insurance. My mom found this d