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  1. Most likely it was the accutane
  2. Tom_Mason

    Who uses make up?

    I don't think make up would help on any kind of pitted or indented scarring. Maybe on red marks but thats about it.
  3. Curious to see what the breakdown is on here.
  4. Having looked at your before and afters I think the cheek scar improved significantly around 50%. I'm impressed with the forehead scar improvement. Before it had a real pock mark look to it. Now it looks shallow, less pocked (you could easily say you got it from some extreme sport) it looks like a cool injury scar, so i'd say 40% improvement. Its awesome you updated I have not seen many people do that. All the best Tom
  5. Tom_Mason

    Is it really that unattractive?

    1950's bunker? No idea where that came from, however I imagine your reaction to the truth lead you to attempt to slander me with ad hominem attacks. I suggest you read any psychological material regarding human mate selection, this is fact, not my opinion. You admit that you are "so hyper sensitive" about skin issues so your response isn't unexpected. Try going out in the "real world" as you put it and see how many men demonstrate interest in women with moderate to severe scarring compared to ones with normal skin. Provided they are both of reasonable fitness and presentable facial bone structure the results will speak for themselves. "Seriously, according to your antiquated fact 95% of the population would not mate." Hmm, show me anything that I wrote where it would show "95% of the population would not mate". I don't think you get it or perhaps it is far too painful to face reality. I'm curious if you can find me even ONE UNIVERSITY BACKED STUDY (in capitals to make it clear it must be credible) showing that most men don't care about a womans beauty when selecting a mate. If deluding yourself makes you feel better then by all means continue with your beliefs. For some basic understanding read this, check out the sources then get back to me if you believe you can still form a coherant argument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_attr...ignals_of_youth
  6. Tom_Mason

    Is it really that unattractive?

    How men and women choose our mates is different. This is fact. Women want men who can take care of them and provide for their offspring. The most attractive CORE elements in men are power and status. Men want women who display they are highly fertile and would thus produce healthy offspring. The CORE element in this is physical beauty. Is is a disadvantage for a man to have acne scars however it can be overcome with enough power and status. For a woman it is a HUGE disadvantage as beauty is her key point in attracting a mate. Think of it like this. Most men would prefer to marry a beautiful sales assistant over a plain female doctor. Most women would choose the ordinary looking male doctor to marry over the handsome shop assistant.
  7. Tom_Mason

    Scarless Healing

    "acell is NOT non desnaturalized s for that reason acell don't work (see dr jones experiment whit acell ,acell don't work...see that pictures on this experiment) dr jones whit acell experiment: http://www.drrobertjones.com/acell.html we need a ecm non desnaturalized...where? i've no idea. sorry my bad english." I agree with Neomike in that Dr Jones did not use Acell correctly. You can see how quickly it scabbed up when the wound should have been moist. See Dr Hitzig getting substantially better results. http://www.nyhairloss.com/acell.htm The problem is that there is not enough doctors who have even heard of acell let alone tried it out. I still believe that it is the best option out there in terms of scarless healing, what needs to happen is to create awareness of the product. I've been emailing various plastic surgeons and asking them if they use Acell and if they don't when will they, it would be great if the other people on this board start emailing plastic surgeons as well. The more emails and calls they get about it the more likely they are to at least look into it.
  8. Curious to know how long the people on here have had their scars for?
  9. Tom_Mason

    Scar Depth

    I'm speaking hypothetically as the scars I have are not suitable for excision. I am curious to know from someone who has had excision are scars excised to a base level everytime?
  10. Tom_Mason

    Scar Depth

    My question is if for example someone was getting a scar excised would the depth of the scar effect treatment? That is are all scars regardless of depth excised to the same base level? Also would a scar being hypopigmented have any effect or is an excision simply an excision?
  11. Tom_Mason

    Scarless Healing

    Ok I've been reading all the posts recently. I started this scarless healing thread back in 2007 and now we are approaching 2010. So where does scarless healing stand. The best option I see is still acell. I believe that doctor Jones needs to try another patient as quite clearly it shouldn't have crusted over as it did and needed to be kept moist. Acell now shows on its website http://www.acell.com/pandr_surgery.php "ACell, Inc. has developed a proprietary line of plastic surgery and wound care devices utilizing an advanced regenerative medicine technology. ACell’s MatriStem technology is a naturally occurring bioscaffold derived from porcine tissue. When MatriStem is placed into a surgical site or wound, it is resorbed and replaced with new native tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected." Is everyone just waiting for others to try it out? The product is there so what is causing the lack of take up?
  12. Tom_Mason

    True Scarless Healing

    sgxyo3man, your thread was by far the most hopeful on here. Even if it didn't turn out as you hoped it would still be good to hear how it went.
  13. Tom_Mason

    Scarless Healing

    reply to v_singh "so all the scar tissue must be removed and then Acell applied = 100% scar free skin ? .... sounds too good to be tru lol" Thats basically it. Seabs wrote a really good summary of this thread, its in my first post, I highly recommend you read to fill you in on how acell works. So what country are you in now? There are plenty of members in the U.S who are willing to try it only they could not get hold of any acell. I assume your prepared to send it to someone willing to test it out.
  14. Tom_Mason

    Scarless Healing

    Hey v_singh do you have any scars on your body you could try it on. As mike manning told you they are not planning to do trials on acne scars so your waiting a while will take a very long time. I believe that Acell trials have to start somewhere perhaps if your not willing to try you could obtain the Acell and give it to someone on this board who has a willing doctor to test it out?
  15. Tom_Mason

    Scarless Healing

    Anyone else get the feeling that plastic surgeon was just theonlynameleft trolling?