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  1. Hopefully they don't have to stitch closed in every case before injecting. Don't see why they would have to, be great for this to be used for those with extensive burns scarring as well as stitching up wounds rather than wound covering in those cases would be impractical.
  2. @NagarNikku_The response reads like a bot wrote it. Dr Chen who is doing the verteporfin trials believes that verteporfin will be available for use in scars in 2-5 years. https://mobile.twitter.com/kellenchen_/status/1452741411057455104
  3. Agreed, excision and stitching the wound closed is not really regeneration due to tissue removal. When you said "it sounds like they plan on stitching the wound together still" where did you get that info from? I can't find it.
  4. @k95 I could have been lucky with my excisions, in any case it worked for me replacing 2 of my scars with fine lines the only issue being skin tightness. If I were to have smaller scars near these revised they would split under tension. So in theory surgeons could start using tissue expanders however if the skin appears unwounded this would be totally unnecessary and I can only imagine most people would hate having a tissue expander placed in their face for however many weeks/months to achieve e
  5. At the moment excision already works, if you have only have one or two scars. The main issue at the moment is if you have multiple scars or the scars cover a large area that the tension on your skin is too great to have successful excisions. Verteporfin won't be that useful if the doctor has to stitch these wounds back up since you're not manufacturing more skin to excise. The skin tension remains. For this to work ideally you'd need to excise the scar tissue and then be able to
  6. I still check in once in a while.
  7. I don't think make up would help on any kind of pitted or indented scarring. Maybe on red marks but thats about it.
  8. Curious to see what the breakdown is on here.
  9. Having looked at your before and afters I think the cheek scar improved significantly around 50%. I'm impressed with the forehead scar improvement. Before it had a real pock mark look to it. Now it looks shallow, less pocked (you could easily say you got it from some extreme sport) it looks like a cool injury scar, so i'd say 40% improvement. Its awesome you updated I have not seen many people do that. All the best Tom
  10. 1950's bunker? No idea where that came from, however I imagine your reaction to the truth lead you to attempt to slander me with ad hominem attacks. I suggest you read any psychological material regarding human mate selection, this is fact, not my opinion. You admit that you are "so hyper sensitive" about skin issues so your response isn't unexpected. Try going out in the "real world" as you put it and see how many men demonstrate interest in women with moderate to severe scarring compared
  11. How men and women choose our mates is different. This is fact. Women want men who can take care of them and provide for their offspring. The most attractive CORE elements in men are power and status. Men want women who display they are highly fertile and would thus produce healthy offspring. The CORE element in this is physical beauty. Is is a disadvantage for a man to have acne scars however it can be overcome with enough power and status. For a woman it is a HUGE disadvantage as beauty is
  12. "acell is NOT non desnaturalized s for that reason acell don't work (see dr jones experiment whit acell ,acell don't work...see that pictures on this experiment) dr jones whit acell experiment: http://www.drrobertjones.com/acell.html we need a ecm non desnaturalized...where? i've no idea. sorry my bad english." I agree with Neomike in that Dr Jones did not use Acell correctly. You can see how quickly it scabbed up when the wound should have been moist. See Dr Hitzig getting substantially b
  13. Curious to know how long the people on here have had their scars for?
  14. I'm speaking hypothetically as the scars I have are not suitable for excision. I am curious to know from someone who has had excision are scars excised to a base level everytime?