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  1. hatetane

    Need some Accutane advice

    https://www.ema.europa.eu/documents/psusa/isotretinoin-oral-formulations-cmdh-scientific-conclusions-grounds-variation-amendments-product/00010488/201611_en.pdf One guy only took for 10 days - it's permanent!!
  2. hatetane


    If any doctor was to prescribe you Roaccutane when you don't have severe cystic acne they should be reported and in an ideal world they should be sacked. You should thank you lucky starts that your skin has cleared before taking roaccutane. Tell me what you know about Roaccutane - describe what you believe are the worst side effects (not a trick just really interested). I would like to see you go to that appointment just to see if they do prescribe Roaccutane for you and what they tell you about the side effects. I can send you a scientific report that is a must read before you ever decide to take roaccutane - pm me if you would like to see it.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6431453/Thousands-prescribed-Roaccutane-theres-disturbing-evidence-leave-men-suicidal.html#reader-comments
  4. Very high cortisol, high urine output, very low T, and low Oestrogen (despite signs of dominance) which did rise significantly (Cushings was ruled out), which goes to show that blood tests should be taken and monitored on a regular basis. None of these are fixes but rather knock on effects. It does seem that some have claimed that TRT has helped but for the majority it hasn't. As a minimum I would suggest that all basics, leaky gut, dry gut, fixing whatever bloods show up, diet and exercise etc all have to be worked at first over a couple of years. Get that right and you might be primed for TRT or whatever. I suspect that Guitarman may know more than doctors at this point but we do need to get researchers on board with us because they in theory have an understanding of science that we do not have. Sadly we don't have any professionals looking for a cure for us - we need to change this somehow. Niedlaizo is also right though in that we need experts - we just need PAS acknowledged first so that researchers will step forward. As I said before waiting for The PFS foundation to come up with a cure for us it just stupid - we need our own foundation which we won't get without recognition! We also don't know what the PFS foundation is looking at and testing - do you think for one minute that they are looking at this from a fundamental view? @ Truejustice :trying to ban this product & protect others and/or get out there and seek different therapies etc The whole point is we need to do all 3, ban or get accutane use down to a minimum like in the states(surprisingly), protect others and keep seeking cures ourselves until such times as we get more help. It's so simple that I just can't see why you don't all agree. @Guitarman - you only have to check out all Truejustice's posts to see how he debunks reporting side effects and makes negative comments on many of my posts. Even now he suggests I am lashing out at him and not showing self control which is pathetic - I just don't want to hear from him anymore. The difference between Professor Healy and other doctors is that he listens to what his patients are saying. He doesn't need patients to prove to him that a drug is responsible for incurred injuries - he accepts that if many patients are reporting the same side effects then they deserved to be listened to and believed. This should be a starting point for all doctors!
  5. Thanks Oli girl, I know that mum very well - I though there was something that I had missed. If any parents want to take action please contact me or go through Olly's friendship page where you can catch up with us.
  6. Well we also have the issue that no legal team will take our case so that could also be argued when bringing a late case. The blood scandal and thalidomides I am sure would all have brought cases years after knowledge of the condition. The first thing you would have to do is to get a whole bunch of solid case histories and for someone to present this to legal firms. You should look up vaginal mesh lawsuits - they have thousands of women bringing cases. These women have been injured in much the same way as you kids have. It only takes one person to get a case taken to start the ball rolling. Remember that erectile dysfunction and diminished libido were not added to the PIL until OCT 2017 even though they have reports of this dating years back. They had a legal obligation to warn patients about this - so why didn't they. This is a good angle but I just don't have anyone who is prepared to get together on this. Certainly no change comes with no action! My argument would be that kids who become accutane victims are silenced by shame - a shame that should not be theirs and because they are traumatised. I don't think that anyone could argue against the possibility that many of you guys are probably suffering from PTSD Just though a would post this again for anyone who wants to take a look. Some PFS guys claimed to have recovered using this protocol. https://issuu.com/anabolicmen/docs/the_secret_that_doubles_testosteron
  7. I don't see how they can keep denying. You gather up proof and present it to them. Try and get everything in email because down the line the fact that they keep denying everything will stand you in good stead. Did you ever see the consent form that Roche made patients sign in the US - no wonder the drug stopped selling no one in their right ming would sign it. They came to Europe and prescribed it without a consent form and our protectors of health have let them get away with it. It states that People HAVE become suicidal and people HAVE committed suicide. It now states this in the PIL as well but still we have Dermatologist giving out this drug to kids knowing that it might make them commit suicide. Why aren't more people outraged about this and why won't victims do a little more to stop what happened to them from happening to others - these victims are so young - can't we all join forces to ensure that kids are kept safe in the future, we should at least try - right? No need to comment @TrueJustice I already know you don't give a damn!
  8. Well who is willing to something bout this? Stand up and be counted - there is so much you could be doing and it wouldn't take up much of your time.
  9. Where are you @ACCUiTy? We are worried about you as it's been a while since we heard from you.
  10. hatetane

    Accutane Hair Loss Recovery Story

    Advising taking Finasteride it the worse advice possible. Please guys don't ever take finasteride especially after taking accutane - they are both two of the worst drugs ever invented. Work on good health - that is you best bet.
  11. hatetane

    Back pain after accutane

    HI, we are gathering information about females experiencing diminished libido. Have you experienced this at all? Did you see this information listed in the PIL and did you only think it was males?
  12. Where are you from? have you reported your side effects and are you interested in raising awareness about this drug? I know someone who is considering getting a group together to sue - he is trying to gauge interest and will be setting up a website soon.
  13. Hi Jen, nice to hear from you. Can you please post the link as I couldn't find it. I will email you if I can find your address. What can you suggest to get researchers on board? We will be sure to support anything you come up with.
  14. Ed has been very brave - a member of this forum I might add. Yep a lot of people like this drug. Many of them don't even know how they might have been effected by this drug - they put some of what they are suffering down to other things. More shocking is how parents support it. Take a risk yourself but if you know the risks why let a kid take it. I will always maintain that accutane is too dangerous to be prescribed to anyone but at the very least every patients has the right to be fully informed. The PiL should describe in great detail what could go wrong and Doctors should reinforce this. Patients should be made aware that if things start to go wrong coming of the drug is not enough to halt or reverse the side effects - when the more serious sides occur it is too late - not to mention many suffer side effects after the drug is ceased. We know that many parents haven't got clue about how damaged their kids are - how many of you have told your parents or anyone for that matter? So all these parents who are saying how great the drug is really should take a closer look at their kids. Please take the time to comment yourselves https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6431453/Thousands-prescribed-Roaccutane-theres-disturbing-evidence-leave-men-suicidal.html https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=FDA-2018-P-4088
  15. When I say veteran I mean you Truejustice! There are victims of the drug and there are born victims (not mutually exclusive) you for sure fall into the latter category! You have the least credibility of everyone on this forum because all you do is whine, ask inane questions and support no one! What have you got to say to all the young men who have fallen victim to the drug these past few years, - "your stupid for not going on a forum and for trusting your doctor"? I am not pointing the finger at newly injured young people but I am pointing my finger at you. Guitarman might one day find a cure but you for sure won't! I am not clever enough to find a cure and I know it. So I will continue to raise awareness to stop others getting hurt whilst at the same time doing everything I can to ensure that one day we get the researches doing all they can to help the injured. Can't spare 5 minutes to fill out and adverse event form or 2 minutes to comment on a petition - joker!!