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  1. I had a lot of the same side effects the past 2 weeks but this weekend it completely turned around and I now feel a lot better. Hang in there
  2. I'm 25, just finished my first month of accutane and I also have the Mirena. I very much relate to your story and will definitely be following I thought I would let you know that I have been told by my dermatologist that waxing is not allowed while on accutane, because it can simply rip off skin. Same goes for tonics and exfoliators - my derm told me to avoid that. However, my skin gets super flaky so I sometimes exfoliate using my Clarisonic for few seconds on the dry areas. (I use the bru
  3. For some reason I don't have any dandruff (yet).. I just tried to cover my hair and scalp in coconut oil and left it there for a couple of hours. It wasn't exactly comfortable to wear, but I was at home writing an exam anyways, so it didn't bother me that much. After I've taken a shower it has really helped. I don't know about in the long run. But it did get rid of most of the itchiness! I'll let you know if it lasts more than a couple of hours :-)
  4. Done with 2 weeks of accutane! My skin is very dry and is still breaking out a little. However, it has a different glow about it! My scalp is still itching like crazy - any advice is very very welcome. Also, I've noticed my eyebrows are thinning. I am used to having quite full eyebrows, so it looks weird. I've taken a pic so you guys can see what I mean.. Warning: Extremely pale-skinned person I've read that coconut oil helps - any other advice?
  5. I agree with Jones4545 I'm sure you'll need it at some point, so just wait until then :-) My skin became very dry from the beginning, but my skin tends to be dry and the climate here doesn't exactly help! My scalp is getting so dry and it is so itchy! If anyone has any advice, please let me know! I use a gentle perfume free shampoo, coconut oil hairmask (also on the scalp), taking short showers without the water being too hot. I don't know what else to do..
  6. DONE WITH MY FIRST WEEK! :-) Feeling a lot better! Still dry lips and redness to the skin, but apart from a breakout on my left jawline, I am not getting any new spots and my face is pretty clear overall. YAY, feeling positive about this! - Lemon
  7. UPDATE: Spent the weekend in a cabin in Sweden. Lots of snow and cold weather which did not really help my skin. Also I had some alcohol both Friday and Saturday.. Headaches are gone! Only lasted the first couple of days. Still trying to drink as much water as possible. 6th day on isotretinoin Skin is getting pretty dry Lips are dry and a bit sore New spots are still appearing, although the overall complexion is looking better.
  8. I am from Denmark, so that might explain why the packaging is different :)
  9. 3rd day on isotretinoin: A few new pimples have appeared Fatigue, slight headache still Drinking a LOT of water, but it still doesn't feel like I am drinking enough. Skin feeling tight, but could be due to weather (snow and -10 degrees). Dry red eyes. This is quite annoying as it makes me look very tired. Will purchase some eyedrops and see if that helps!
  10. Wow that is amazing! Please follow the log and maybe do entries as well! Would be so helpful to be able to compare situations, side effects etc. I think my prescription is 50 pills, but I need to go to the lab every month and take blood tests or it wont be renewed. Maybe you have to take 2 pills daily? When do you start?
  11. One thing I've learned the past couple of days, is that you simply cannot drink too much water. I don't know if that might be what is causing my headaches? I usually stay hydrated throughout the day, however, since taking the meds I can feel like my body is just craving more water! I wake up feeling so dry in my mouth and my eyes. At least it really feels like my body is working hard! Yes, fingers crossed and I hope your migraines were just coincidental and wont be back Keep us posted!
  12. My second day on 20mg as well. I haven't been experiencing full blown migraines, but have had a headache since a few hours after taking the first pill.
  13. This is my first entry to my 20mg isotretinoin diary. First off, some basic information about me: Gender: Female Age: 25 Weight: 63kg Height: 178cm Skintype: Combination, dry/oily patches I have been suffering from acne ever since I got off DianeMite (high hormone) birth control, about 2 years now. My acne is not as severe as some of the cases I have read about in this forum. I get acne cysts on my jawline and above my lip area and often around my eyebrows, which has started to cre