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  1. Day 14. this is so discouraging. only minor improvement. my skin tone n texture is soooooo bad. a few zits here n there on my cheeks n marks mostly on my cheeks. n sum on my chin n mouth area
  2. cantonese BUT i really like her r u taiwanese? have u been watching Hana Kimi with Ella in it. Its SO hilarious!
  3. Day 11 hmm, getting better? oily skin tho. ugh. so many marks i hate thsi
  4. hmm actually i think ur skin got so much better in such a short period of time. in two weeks it'll be even better. so dont worry!! try to protect ur skinn as much as possible gdluck
  5. Hi Planlos, Do you have anything for scars? Aloe doenst help with the scars at all. n netiher does accutane rite? i just see more spots old ones new ones even though my ib is dying down slowly.
  6. DAY 10 IB going away i think? yep actually i think so. at least teh big ones on my face. but leaving alot of red marks from old n new. not sure. firegirl: imam using La Roche-Posay Ceralip, works pretty gd. my mouth was bloody red yseterday. now its much better did you have trouble with scars. cuz apparently i've alot underneath. n tehy're starting to show up as my ib dies down. and what did you use for that gettingitdown: is there a brand for the sulfur? or even liek a percentage?
  7. ima looking for that particular aloe vera too. so did you find it at Walmart at first i thought they dont even sell aquaphor in Canada.. y do they hide these very useful thigns
  8. gdluck on ur exam!! i hope you'll feel better afterwards:) one done n a few more to go. we're this close to our christmas break. this close..
  9. thanks too all who left comments/advice. Day 8: these cysts r annoying. n the two that burst yesterday r looking pretty ugly. but i couldnt help it. the yellow liquidy pus was leaking out on its own yesterday. so i was soo tempted to pick on them under circumstances liek these. but i'll try! Gettingitdone: thanks but i actually think i am allergic to the benzoyl peroxide stuff. i had a whole bottle of it mixed at the pharmacy, but it made me flare up more n i was really red afterwards
  10. hey planlos, ur taking Zinc? does it help with healing or something? or just to keep acne away. hmmm. lOL
  11. 2 just bursted by themselve. well they were already BURsting while i was at school anyways, so i came home and gave them a little "help". yuck* they hurt more now. so imam goign to put on my aloe after ima done thiis gettingitdone: my cysts r driving me crazy, they hurt! AND my face is liek really ichy. probably cuz my face is so full of bacteria rite now. HELP!! did you get ur initial breakout after first week? do you think my dosage is too high? i hate this. planlos: i know imm really wait
  12. Day 7: Bad day a lof of cysts came up yesterday and the day b4, all on my cheeks hopefully this is the inital breakout that everyones talkign about. somehow i think my acne got worse. its so hard to wash my face. wihtout feeling those disgusting cysts liek they're gonan pop . nehoo lets hope they'll shrink in size by the end of this week. boo gotta get to class gettingitdone: i think i might give the vitamin c a try. my acne is so bad right now. i dont even feel like doing anyh
  13. wow ima impressed i was just reading through some of ur daily entries. its liek woow. sounds liek u've been free from ance for quite a while already. just one question: why do you take zinc and vit c? does it help with the healing or something? my face is apparently going thru IB. n its iching liek hell with all those new pimples n cysts n pus coming to surface but still i try not to touch them in case the bacteria spread or something. any advices?
  14. Wwooo thanks luckst but imam gonan hafta wait another month til i get to see my derm. lets hope my mouth doenst get any worse at the meantime. o n is that just all in 1 mix. or ur using 3 separately. hows ur treatment so far?
  15. gettingitdone: Thanks for the advance, i am goign to get myself aquafur tomorrow. even though i've always hateed to put things on my lips i'll need it for sure! its funny my gfs are always giving me weird looks cuz my lips r so chap and i would do nothign about them HAHA. ima not very girly m i. lolololz hm n how bad is my ance? Sometimes, its really bad other times not so bad. especially when im on my period, they just keep popping up. or times when i have my midterms and finals coming up. Si