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  1. I think that the real question is this: do people "look" or "inspect" our skin as much as we do? It's not like they're looking at us (even girl/boyfriends) with the intent to inspect our skin. It's one thing if your acne is really terrible, but if it's fairly moderate, then I'm pretty sure that people don't care nearly as much as we do. I mean, I think of all of the celebrities who have problems with acne (and have all of the money and resources in the world, but still can't stay clear--Britney,
  2. Like many things, this would appear to vary from person to person. I've never come across any studies that link the two, but I will say that being more physically healthy overall is far more important than the few zits you might get from lifting. Plus, a great bod will do more for you in attracting the opposite sex at the gym than having a few extra zits in getting there. I say, "Lift away!" Nobody has perfect skin, and it's just silly to think that having the condition of acne comes from
  3. This routine has really worked well! My acne started at around 15 (I'm 23 now) and it definitely changed my life in a negative way. I've seen a derm and tried lots of stuff, but this is the first thing that's really clearing me up! Stick with this regimen! Here's some personal pointers: First of all, I'm using Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. What's great about it is that it's a moisturizing cleanser; it's like cleansing with lotion, but it's great due to the 15 minute wait between clean
  4. I feel your pain, Liatard. I'm very thankful that my skin's really starting to clear up at 23, but my acne started when I was about 14 going on 15. I used to get compliments on my looks all of the time growing up and had a lot of girls approach me. When the acne set in (thankfully, it hasn't been cystic or scarring acne), it completely changed my life and I'm still dealing with many of the mental effects. It's been a major stressor in my life, triggering social anxiety, depression, and obsessive
  5. Good site, frances. In times past, I too have had to deal with the frustration of acne that doesn't scar. I used to say to myself, "Well, if you're not gonna scar me, then just go away already!" Thankfully, Dan's regimen has really helped out a great deal.
  6. I, personally, suffer from anxiety and OCD-related problems. It is certain that one of the biggest stressors in bringing this on in my life has been my past problems with acne. Now, I'm really close to being clear (around 90% or so) at 23-years-old, but I can tell you that, along with my genetic predispositions to mental problems, my earliest struggles with anxiety can indefinitely be traced back to my onset of acne at around 15. It is ludicrous to me that with all the suffering that this pr
  7. I don't really have "acne" any longer per se, but I'm still far from having completely clear and flawless skin. Now, what I've done to find and enjoy a girlfriend is to date some girls who don't have great skin either. Acne is something that every type of person--good looking or otherwise--can get. I've dated some really attractive girls that have had to deal with this growing problem as well. I mean, look at all the beautiful "celebs" that, although they have tons of money and the best skin car
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want these things gone, but I want to go the "tried and true" route and not screw around. Thanks!
  9. I went to Walgreens today to pick up some cleanser (I've been going back and forth between Cetaphil and Purpose; both are fine) and came across Neutrogena Extra Gentle. I used it in the shower a little while ago and it's a little different. It's like washing your face with lotion, but, since I have super-dry skin, I'm looking forward to the results (it's labeled as being able to "add moisture back"). The cool thing about it is that it's also fragrance free. This seems to be a step in the righ
  10. Saying to not life weights or exercise might just be about the most absurd thing possible. Regular exercise helps to regulate blood pressure, anabolic processes in the muscles, and chemicals in the brain that benefit every system in the body. In turn, this helps to keep stress levels lower, therefore, helping to control one of the biggest factors of acne at any age: stress. Plus, staying fit helps you to do the most important thing: live longer! What's more important, avoiding every speculati
  11. That's too bad to hear that Power Peels don't get the job done with blackheads or improve the skin on a more long term basis. What is the best method for taking care of blackheads I wonder?
  12. My stepmom works for a plastic surgeon and does Power Peels. I wasn't entirely comfortable with getting one, because I wasn't sure how it fits in with the BP routine. My skin's been consistently improving since I started the routine, but I'd like to take care of my blackheads and just, generally, take the quality of my skin to the next level. Anybody had any experience with Power Peels? I really just want to take care of my blackheads and smooth out the areas that have them (they're very sma