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  1. Allison27

    Vitamin C for acne?

    Hey .. Im not sure either about Vit.C I do know that Acutane is driven by high amonuts of vitA. If it was me I would take VitA. I am on accutane right now and it is seeming to work well.. however its a slow process....... do VitA supplements good luck to you!
  2. Allison27

    Acne below the mouth

  3. Allison27

    I am new here, and I have a problem.

    hey..my ascne was like yours. I am on accutane and loving it. It was a bad first two months.. but its clearing and beautiful..... try accutane...... there is a generic brand..mine is $16.00 good luck to you!
  4. Allison27

    Quick Question!

    hey .. I'm taking generic brand too. It is the same thing and says you alot of money. I have been on two different generic brands and cant tell a difference. Good luck to you!
  5. Allison27

    Is this considered severe acne?

    Never heard of anitbiotics as acne treatment? Antibiotics/antimicrobials are the same thing. Acne medicines such as Erythromycin, doxyciline, clindomycin, tetracycline, benzaclin, minocin are all antibiotics/antimicrobials. Basically anything with the ending- cin or clin you know are antibiotics. Like penacilin. All these ingredients are used in like 90% of acne medicines.
  6. Allison27

    Good, non shiny moisturizer?

    You might want to try Olay moist.therapy sensitive skin with aloe. I love this stuff. I started on accutane a month ago and this lotion is the best ever. The aloe has helped so much with the red on my face. Its cheap and its great. Good luck to you all!
  7. Allison27

    Will Aquaphor Clog Pores.??

    PLESE DO NOT put that stuff on your face. You are on acctuane for acne and for oil production. That will clog your pores ........dont use it anywhere else besides your lips and nose. I have tried every lotion it seems...and the one that works best is Olay for sen.skin moist.therapy with aloe..... aloe has helped my skkin and the red scars already fade after only being on tane ofr three weeks...... tryit.......its great.... good luck to you all!