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  1. Thank you everyone! I just want to say that while hearing the positive feedback is nice, I'm not posting these for compliments. (I know my skin still has improving to do anyway.) I just want people to know and see that Accutane really does work, since there are so many horror stories out there. The side effects can be very rough but usually it's normal and doesn't last! Anyway, my routine: At night I take off all my makeup with CeraVe face wash. I actually use the kind for oily skin becaus
  2. Now I'm at 3 months and here is the progress!!! Definitely have more side effects now. Just recently my back has started killing me and it's steadily getting stronger. There's a constant muscle ache all along my spine and my spine cracks and grinds when I turn or move my neck. It's quite unpleasant, especially trying to find a cozy position to do school work in and also working on my feet all day. I think I'm getting more headaches as well but not sure that's related. I'm also completely exhau
  3. Fudgesicle87 thank you very much for the advice and reassurance that I'm not imagining things! And good timing because I think I'm in the early stages of getting ANOTHER stye. The other one did end up going away though so hopefully this one will too. Thanks again!
  4. SkinnyToad, my swelling has completely gone away luckily! I noticed when i first started Accutane back at the end of January my eyelids were really swollen for a few days. That went away too! How are you doing now??
  5. Thank you for the reply The rash is fading slightly and my lips are getting better too! Also my eye doesn't hurt anymore, though it is still a little swollen. I have a feeling this whole journey is just going to be full of ups and downs!
  6. Hey everyone. So I've been on Accutane now since January 21st, 60mg/day. Up until pretty recently I've had the usual side effects, which started only days into treatment. I had dry lips and a dry face with minor muscle and bone pain (on and off). It was manageable. Now, the dry lips are extremely bad, which I know is also expected but oh man does it hurt. It feels like my lips are burning off my face. They're peeling and cracking and bleeding like crazy and are so swollen. This BAD dryness star
  7. This probably won't be much help to you, but i took Solodyn for 1 month and it did nothing at all haha
  8. Your face honestly isn't even bad! When i look at your pictures I notice your beautiul eyes before anything, just so you know And for this reason and the fact that you are experiencing the dryness, I think it will work for you! It may just take longer. However if you wanted to increase the dosage I don't think that'd be an issue either given your weight. I will say to be sure to watch the depression side effect to see if it really is linked to the drug and be sure it doesn't get worse because y
  9. I know! I'm really excited. I thought for sure I'd get a bad initial breakout because with my skin I've always been soo unlucky. I mean this is 11 years of acne at this point where nothing ever worked. That's half my life! But even the scars are fading For me at least, Accutane is definitely a miracle.
  10. Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a 3 week update on my Accutane (Zenatane) journey if anyone is interested. I started 60mg/day on 1/21/16. I'm pleased to say that the results are already looking pretty great! I posted some pictures of the day I started and then on each week so you can see the progression. I barely experienced any symptoms or had much of an initial breakout which is lovely. Does anyone know if I could still experience an initial breakout or if that time period has passed? T
  11. I started the day after you and am also experiencing the dry peeling skin and lips. Luckily it's not itching me but I am constantly trying to hydrate it. But, my skin appears to be clearing a little bit already and so does yours Good luck!
  12. Mine was $433 at CVS with no insurance 2 weeks ago. I have 60mg, but that was with a discount. Before discount it was over $800. That was my first prescription so i can't say what it was in December
  13. Thanks for posting! Always good to hear from others about their journeys. Hope it starts working quickly for you! I am finished with week one as of today. So far, my lips are dry, my nose is dry inside and out, my eyes are a little dry/irritated, my lips get swollen from time to time, my ribs are really sore, and my neck muscles are just starting to get sore. I also already have REALLY smooth skin. Don't get me wrong, I have some acne, but it's (so far) not anything crazy. I'd say it's e
  14. This makes me feel better- thank you for sharing your experiences! Good luck to you all, as well!
  15. Thanks for responding. If it keeps up I'll tell my derm at my check up appointment at the end of February. I just want to wait it out a little. I just started recently so my body might just be getting used to it. I took ibuprofen today and that at least helped!