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  1. I posted a topic about using goji berries for acne. Though this was on the 8th of december. So im not 2 sure if it was the one your asking about. Anyway its still on me profile so i have copied an pasted it for u This little berry is packed full of vitamins and amino acids which could help in the treament of acne. They are widely available on the internet and in some health food shops. Contains 500 times more Vitamin C per ounce than oranges. Goji Berries have more beta carotene than carrot
  2. Couldn't really cast my vote due to the fact i have combination skin. About 80% of the time my skin is normal to slightly dry. During these periods my acne is very mild to clear. Though everytime i've had a bad break out (once every 1-2 years from the age of 16) My skin becomes very oily. My acne is hormonal and only gets bad when i have a surge. Eg.. lastime i had a bad break out was at the same time i started getting chest hair.
  3. Hi i have recently purchased B5 powder and It didnt come with a measuring spoon. I read somewhere that a level teaspoon equals 1 gram, though i can no longer find the site an am not 100% sure if that was correct. Could have been a tablespoon or something. Does any1 know which one it is, if any
  4. Treatments offer a constant source of income for pharmaceutical/cosmetic industries. Cure's dont. Tis all about the money. The "business of disease" is a huge money maker. u just have to sell your soul in order to make it big.
  5. Do you eat alot of beef? Beef Tapeworm (Taenia saginata) eggs are very common in steak and harmless. But if the meat is undercooked they can hatch out in the gut an grow up to 7 feet long. Theres another worm that is found in dirt. kids who play in dirt an bite their nails are at risk of getting them. They are very tiny, white an multiple in numbers. Forget the name of them but i remember one of my bro's kids picked them up. U can get some stuff at the docs to kill em off in no time. But u hav
  6. I have noticed alot of people go on about how they think the "toxins" in cannabis make their acne worse. Cannabis in its natural form contains no toxins. This is the main reason why its almost impossible to die from smoking weed. In the 5000 years + that humans have been using cannabis there hasnt been a single death cuased by cannabis OD. However when you burn cannabis or any other substance for that matter a reaction takes place which fills the smoke with toxins harmful to the lungs an the bo
  7. lol i just realized i qouted a line from the tresemme ad on tv. Just goes to show annoying, cheesy ads definitely stick in your mind. The cilit bang ad is a personal fav of mine. The name barry scott always brings a smile to my face
  8. Tresemme might be worth a go as onyxraven stated. Works wonders for me an is used in many Professional hair salons here in the UK and Europe. Plus it dosn't have the harsh price u might expect from a salon quality product. you could aslo try the vitamin approach to healther hair. Heres a list of vitamins an minerals known to have positive effects on hair. Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Biotin Inositol Niacin (Vitamin B3) Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 http://www.tresemme
  9. Heya R.S i was spring cleaning my favorites today an was happy to find i still had the link to an experiment that had measured the brain waves of long term Buddhist practitioners using EEG. They found a high increase of gamma waves during meditation which was not noticed in novice meditators. This might explain the higher levels of awareness (enlightenment) long term buddhist monks reach. Aswell as playing a part in better health thats also associated with alpha waves. They concluded that mental
  10. The most easy an effective way to enter the alpha state is through the use of cannabis sativa/indica. Also green/white tea to a lesser extent. Many buddhist sects consider cannabis to be their most holy plant an use it as an aid in meditation. From personal experience i can say cannabis an meditation go together extremely well . But it's far more beneficial to learn how to induce this state naturally as opposed to artificially. Even if the effect isnt as strong.
  11. Pretty much any form of stimulant can mess with your skin. Amphetamine being one of the worst. Why you'd wont to take that shit other then 2 get off your box and stay awake for days is beyond me. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most corrupt industries in the world 2day. They dont give a fuck about your health, they just want your money. There are plenty of natural remedies that are more effective and have no where near as many side effects. St johns wort being one of them. aderall is b
  12. 111hz is to be used as the carrier frequency and not the binaural beat itself. As far As i know a 1.5hz binaural beat is the best for beta endorphin release. and if you use 111hz+112.5hz to make that 1.5hz binaural, this makes the effect even stronger. This binaural cd you can buy an many others use a 1.5hz binaural for beta endorphin release. They also use 111 an 112.5 to make the beat. http://www.binaural-beats.com/binaural-bea...gital_drug.aspx