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  1. In order to maintain your skin clean during sweaty workouts You have to constantly focus on keeping every drop of sweat off your face. Most athletes with acne problems keep cotton pads with them during workouts to wipe their faces every chance they get, but personally I find that keeping a mist spray bottle full of clean pure water (you can even dilute a bit of tea tree oil - or whatever toner works best on your skin - for extra help with sebum production). Just mist your face real good and then
  2. The weather is humid and rainy in my town again. It will be like this all winter and I NEED to know how to control my sebum/oil production from within my body. I already do all I can to my face , but if anyone knows any sort of over the counter drug or natural food/remedy that controls/reduces oil production please let me know!!
  3. I have never heard of using cetaphil for body acne. But I've heard many times that using a bar soap or body wash with benzoyl peroxide is very effective. Also make sure you only use ONE type of non-comedogenic moisturizing lotion after. The cetaphil oil-control kind should be all you need.
  4. I know that people Use Ice compression and anti-inflammatory drugs as a way to PREVENT a deep pimple from swelling, but is that ALL it's good for? Or does it also help completely remove the pimple/cyst/bacteria altogether and not only possibly post-pone what might be an inevitable pimple ?