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  1. Thank you chippy1 that's very useful info I will def give it lots more time to see if it's really needed but good to know maintenance is an option x x
  2. Thank you chippy1, i was wondering if it's just me getting back into balance. I've cleared up again now and it hit me the other day that this happened on my back a few months ago and now clear again so hopefully that's it now (fingers and toes crossed!) I really don't mind if I dont have perfect skin it's the thought of it escalating to acne again x and yes you're totally right about stressing it won't help at all! Enough stress already anyway ha ha! Hope you're experience remains positive x x x
  3. Hi all, I'm just over 4 months post accutane (second round, first was 15 yrs ago) I'm noticing a breakout....nothing major but a few new small spots each day. Is it normal to have a breakout after treatment? If it gets worse I can call the derm nurses who have said we can look at another course (I really hope that's the case and I won't have to go back to gp for a referral etc) just interested in people's opinions/experiences. I'm trying not to stress about it I feel that could make things worse
  4. Don't ever apologise!! I get these too and found when I was using epiduo it helped to clear them but now I'm on accutane I can't use it but I do get a few come up still and on my forehead if I squeeze it just ends up a big red mess so I tend to leave them alone and they go on their own. In answer to your question I think aha will work especially if it has before X best of luck x
  5. I've had two different brands during my course...no harm done whatsoever the main ingredient is the same X best of luck x
  6. Looking great!!! I'm being a bit naughty today....I've slathered myself in spf 50+ and spending some time in the garden with the kids....so nice to feel the sun on my skin for a change. I have no actives at all just the same as you a fair few marks, i actually feel ok baring my previously pickled back and chest! Bought some la Roche posay cistaplast for my lips it's great stuff but I've noticed I'm applying it more now my dose is higher but I can live with dry lips no problem! Enjoy the bank
  7. Yes I had the same! With retinoids it can cause an initial breakout and always best to keep at it for a good 3 months or so but isotrex just didn't kick in for me. Epiduo is slightly different although still a retinoid I think it has slightly different ingredients. It's not as drying but I found it better at healing X Just a thought maybe ask your gp for doxycycline antibiotics to go along side Epiduo that can be a good combination for some people X X
  8. Hi! No fortunately I got on accutane... 6 weeks in and it's working like a charm (yey) I think Epiduo is better but it left my skin oily still, the isotrex dried it out a bit but only for a week and then it was breakout central (boo) with everything I say try it because everyone's different X are you using it? Best of luck X x
  9. On my first course (13 yrs ago) I was still breaking out at the 4 month mark but it did stop soon after so try not to be disheartened X sometimes people need a second course, I did and currently 6 weeks in so make sure your derm checks you 3 months after the end of the course to see if you may need another. best wishes to you X X X
  10. Honestly those marks will fade just keep using the sunscreen, moisturise and give it some time! Be careful with rashes im sure I read somewhere to keep an eye and maybe show someone although I'm sure yours is fine! the skin on my body is dry with like little bumps here and there maybe it's the same and totally normal?! Ive had a few round the jawline this week and noticing my face is a bit red from my nose to my chin... Gonna have to up the moisturising I think! X
  11. Apparently it can be misdiagnosed as acne as it sometimes has spots/pus filled mounds in the mix X happy researching hope you find an answer either way! Best of luck X X
  12. Has rosacea been ruled out? Just a guess! X
  13. Wow your skin looks amazing!! I'm still getting the odd spot here and there but nothing like it was... such a relief! Oh our poor lips! I'll take it over acne any day tho ha ha!! Switched from la Roche posay lip nitritic to something a little more wallet friendly...got much worse so forked out the £6 for another tube hell we're worth it ;)!!
  14. It's a minefield for us isn't it trying to find something that fits our skin!? Anyway hope you're still having a good time in Japan and good luck!! X x