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  1. It's really great for me and not clog pore. I use it around a year on whole face conjunction with BP everyday. I have used only BP but it make me worst both redness and irritation.
  2. Yes, you can use both products at the same time but I would like to suggest that you should try BP a small place. I notice that Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with tea tree oil will clog your pore because it has coconut oil in their ingredient.
  3. I never use this but notice that my face will breakout if I go to souna. I don't know this can help you more.
  4. What's clay soap and where do you buy it?
  5. Skincares is a cause to make your skin bad from acne. I think if who is acne sufferer and cause from skincares. You stop using it that is the best way to heal.
  6. May be you can try ACV that contain Malic acid which a type of AHA.
  7. you can try ACV to get rid of the red marks on your back.
  8. May be Biore pore pack can help you get rid of blackhead.
  9. I will tell that I'm using mandelic acid also and think it can help to clear my acne.
  10. I think it has various cause to have this. If you explain what you use on your face, your life style, etc. I think you will get more useful informations. I have some pimple at that place but it will show me when I use anything different or lack to sleep.