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  1. 1. Make sure you know what your dealing with is it actually time to treat scars? or the condition you have? What is your condition? 2. See more then one Doctor get multiple opinions. 3. When you do finally decide to do a treatment make sure you have them take a picture before each one, get a copy of those pictures before you leave the office that day. 4. Have new pictures taken and review them before you start the next procedure look for anything that may not be desirable or determine if ther
  2. That happened to me and it did leave a small scar on my forhead, nothing major
  3. Oh yea thank you for your support, by the way I was getting really positive results from the first four sessions, I may just be a freak case cause of the pink under the skin
  4. I tried taking some pics with my web cam but they don't really show what is going on, I talked to my primary care physician and she sees me once a month because of the car accident I was in. She said it looks like things are healing, meaning that the pinkness that was under my skin is surfacing - those areas of pink that look like they were manipulated by the laser seem to be blending in with the white spots, it my be because the pinkness which was a lot redder when I posted this is raised. I
  5. It has been three weeks, I don't think they are temporary I think the DR burned something that was under my skin, I am going nuts I don't look anything like me anymore. I think I am pretty screwed
  6. I had a few rolling scars on the right side of my face that I wanted to get rid of, I did not have acne. I had an infection of the beard at the time... I asked the doctor if there was any risk that this might complicate matters - He said no I asked the doctor if it could possibly make things worse - He said no I went for 4 smoothbeam sessions without any complications. The last one I had on Nov 27 shredded my face. I asked the doctor if there was any risk that this might complicate matters -
  7. I am just gonna deal with them, as soon as the pink is all gone - I got road rash and a subsequent infection - this was a DEEP infection that is in the process of growing out so it looks quite a bit like acne. My experience with Smoothbeam has been iffy at best. I think I got some really really white spots on my face but I am not even sure if that is because the pink is growing out... Or if I am gonna have a really nice horror story to share Well the way I look at it now is skip all the laser
  8. If your gonna do vinegar by drinking it, Couldn't you just eat some pickles everyday?
  9. Has anyone seen any research in the scar treatment arena that looks promising? I for one can't find anything that is being researched
  10. Does anyone that have had this done have any Before After Pics I am thinking about doing Fraxel I would really like to see some real life results.
  11. Brad and Angelina Check out brads scars under the helmut
  12. You are a real person life has it's challenges, having some scarring or acne doesn't make you any less of a person then if you had perfect skin. Everyone has there challenges and issues. It is how you deal with them. Don't let it get you down to the point where you feel less like a "real person" then anyone else. Focus in on your qualities. Make a pro / con list. My brother has down syndrome. He is no less of a person to me then anyone else. He has his set of challenges. I don't suffer fro
  13. Ya I know whatcha mean, but I am a perpetual wiseass
  14. People with scars are not normal??? hmmmmm.... I hope that isn't true
  15. probably not a good idea to use any of those even without the accutane
  16. A few pimply Actreses There is a good one of Cameron Diaz there
  17. Ya what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, well weaker for a bit physically anyway, I just got done with therapy and started working out again. Talk about pain he he he
  18. One of the reasons I started this post was for everyone to see that just because you have some scars doesn't mean you can't have a life. Ya they suck granted and I am not even sure how bad mine are going to be yet. I got ran over by a car literally thrown about 15 feet stop pop and roll I call it. I don't remember anything about getting hit I didn't remember who I was for three days. I broke three ribs, got 52 stitches in the back of my head, 102 stitches in my face (various places) broke my
  19. Die Hard FBI GUY Robert Davi His Twin Tommy Lee Jones
  20. Google up some pictures and add links? Lets build a starry scarry post-o-rama
  21. Do you touch your face throughout the day? When you wake up your face has been left alone all night, no irration if your face is still healing at all then you might just be allowing it to get a little more puffy I noticed the same thing, I do not touch my face at all anymore. Scars make me feel like this though
  22. Well mine has to be Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos So lets have some fun with this we are all here because we have some scars, but lets see who can come up with some actors with them. I know a ton but EJO was the most obvious
  23. Ya I know how you all feel, I am having the same problem looking in a mirror with different lighting, Damn sometimes I think ah not bad not great but what the hell - then at a diffent mirror with different lighting OUCHIE I went for smoothbeam and that helped for the acne and some improvement of the scarring, I am going to get fraxel done in a few months. I have to talk to my doc about prices gonna try to get him to commit to some really silly low low pricing he he he