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  1. hmm i ben using b-5 for almost 2 month and i am totaly clear on my face i dont know about my back i had some acne there but i ben using bp for 3 mothe there so i am clear there 2 try bp5% on the ceast it will gett those basterds away
  2. Hi i been takin b5 for a mothe and i am totaly vured i dident have mutch acne before only a zit here there but no i nere gett any tancks o b5 so what i whas whondering is can i stil be in the sun wile takin b5 re will i gett easily sun burned? And again B5 is tha god if you are sick of acne use this it will help.. just find the right brand for you and use that thil you die i use great earth time realesed 9mg a day
  3. I feal so sorry for you guys i ben on it for a mothe and i am cured i havent gotten a singel zit sen week 2 mayby you gott bad b5 pills ore somthing becoos its hase cured me 100%
  4. I ben on B5 for about alitel more than 4 weeks now and let me thel you i am cured week 1 ait started to gett clearer and week 2 i gott 3 very smal cryst that whent away in 3 days so week 3 and 4 not a singel zit in my face i am only using b-5 i take 9 grams .. 3 grams every 6 hour i am using greath earth 1000mg 90 tablets 13 dollars i am going to keap eating this for years Any way take care
  5. Tancks man that relly give me some hope i will try it for 2 mothe and see what happens take care man
  6. ok afte rthe first week i whas on 5 mg but a difrent brand it whas only 200 mg tabllets so they where to expensive now 2 and 3rd week i whas on 1000mg great earth time released.. ok first week every thing cleared up whery nicely second week gott one cryst and nothing ellse third week started 2 days ago gott 2 new cryst in 2 days all the cryst are in totaly difrent places on my neck one on my chin first time in a very long time i gott one there. one on my fore head the cryst are relly
  7. i am on my second week now and i am completly zit free i dident have mutch before eather like the most i gott whas like 3 to 4 zits hope it stays this way
  8. i wanna go for the safe way so i take 9mg if it stil ceaps being this good after a mothe i will step down to 5mg... it dosent say anything on the bottel that you have to take it a special time.. i whavent had any sideeffects ore nothing this thing is so great.. i whonder if it will remove the black heads on my noose t0?
  9. I have ben using b-5 for a week now and its amazing i dident have alot of zits before but stil it whas anoying Every thing have gone away now. i ben using 5 grams a day and today i am gona start using 9 grams a day so this what i whonder is it a good way to take 3 grams in the morning 3 att dinner like 6 hours later and 3 before you go to sleep?? i gott to say every body take this its relly amazing!! http://www.bodystore.se/sss/A2588 this is what i use 1000mg tablets you gett 90
  10. I been using b5 2 days now and this might just be my fantasy but i feal like i have started to gett less oili skin but it cant work that fast can it?
  11. Ok i have tryed every thing i gott my back better using bp but it just made my face worse i have tried all other antibiotica i cant go to school ant more my selfastime has hit rock bottom my docktor thold me hi could give me roacutane/accutane but i said no i whas to scared.. but fuck that now i do anything to gett rid of this as fast as posibbel i have started to get this smal dots all over the face they arent red ore anything just litel bums .. i have orded b5 but i skip that i go stra
  12. ok tancks for the tips i gott a litel red and itchy where i used it so i whont use 10% in my face no more only on the nose becoos it sems to remove all the black heads and it dosent itch any thing there.. i dont have so mutch in my face mayby 2-4 at most so i will try b5 and se if that clears every things up ..
  13. ok i wait like 10 to 20 minutes before i put on a shirt
  14. I been testing all caind of stuf for 3-4 years now i have tested bp 5% thats the lowest you gett here in sweden and it dident work i have tested all antibiotica allways works good wile i whas using it..but 2 weeks ago i started using bp10% on my back and neck and every thing am not kidding every thing whent away in 2 weeks ad the drynes whent away pretty fast 2.. i started using it on my face 3 days ago so i dont relly know how it will work there hope its the same as the back and neck...