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  1. Thanks for the update.....I have 6 days left. It's taking forever!!!! I hope your dry lips are gone soon and your face stays clear. My derm says that Accutane remains in your system for up to 2 months. I hope my lips return to normal soon and the pink eye goes away. For me, Accutane was brutal. My derm says to call him in a month if I still have breakouts & he will put me on a 2nd course. I'm not willing to do that right now. This was far harder than I anticipated. I have had so muc
  2. I know exactly how you feel. It's so nice when someone notices (and says something to you) about how nice your skin looks. I was at my kids school today & one of the secretaries told me that my makeup looked great. She made my whole day. I couldn't believe it. I usually feel like my makeup is on my face to cover it up. Today I put on a light coat of makeup--my skin is still red and hyper-pigmented (which my derm says will fade eventually). I also had on some nice lipstick--trying to k
  3. I am so glad that I have both of you on here for support. I just logged on today because I have 19 days left and am finding it harder to take these darn pills every day. I'm not sure if I'm going to have lips left by the time I'm done. Seriously, at least 3 layers peel off each day. It's crazy! I completely agree with your non-scientific theory WittySock. It makes perfect sense. I have horrible nightmares when I take Tylenol before bed. Now I think it's occurring because it has happene
  4. I agree---I'm much more emotional. I think it has been getting worse as I go along. I cannot wait to be done with this!!! I think a lot of the sadness is from the amount of pets I've lost in the last few months. My pet chicken is now missing. I know you've been going through a lot too. My derm said that my mole is infected and to put hot compresses and antibiotic ointment on it. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since it started bothering me and it has not gotten better at all. I've tried squ
  5. It has been forever since I posted. My family had a terrible time after our dog died. We lost our favorite pet duckling & then 2 more due to the extremely rainy weather we have had. It has rained nearly every day for 3 weeks. May is an extremely busy time of year for our family, so I have been running nonstop. I am so sorry to hear about deaths in your family. I'm glad you're back to posting updates. I'm also glad your derm appt went well. Thanks for the updates. I have my derm ap
  6. I was going to mow the lawn today, but was too worried about getting sunburned, so I didn't. I guess I'll try SPF 50 when I decide to do it. Not too many changes for me either. Super dry lips. Got my blood drawn today, so I'm sure my cholesterol will be too high on Thursday when I see my derm. Hope your mood is better. ((hugs))
  7. I'm glad your derm has at least extended your course to the 6 month mark. If it comes back, maybe he will let you do a 2nd course. My derm has me on a dose that should allow me to be done at the 3 3/4 month mark, but he wants me on it for the 5 months. He is very insistent on the 5 months because the other derm in his office is one of the doctors that developed Accutane back in the 1970s. I find that interesting. I am confident I am getting enough of a dose and think he wants to be sure it
  8. Worrying about your crap hair made me laugh out loud. I went out (and actually talked to 3 people) today without my makeup!!!! They weren't strangers either. I haven't done that since I was 12 years old. I spent the day working in my flower garden and forgot that I didn't put on sunscreen. My makeup usually contains sunscreen, so my face doesn't normally burn. YOU WERE SO RIGHT ABOUT THE SUNBURN!!! Oh my goodness!!! I was outside working for 30 minutes. My face is super red and the
  9. Thanks for thinking of my dog both of you.....It's appreciated.
  10. My lips have been going through a similar thing. Some days they seem fine & other days big chunks peel off. The corners of my mouth started cracking, peeling and bleeding yesterday. I put hydrocortisone on them over night and they seem a little better. I have a dentist appointment today and I am completely dreading it. My lips and corners of my mouth are going to be terrible afterwards! At least my dentist is understanding and lets me reapply lip balm every couple of minutes. I also h
  11. It's funny that we are concerned about moisturizer and lip balm so much.....but it's true!!! My lips are super dry again, I guess I'll be going back to the cow cream. My finger tips are beginning to split too. I have done a lot of spring cleaning and it seems that scrubbing stuff and doing lots of dishes really causes them to crack much faster. I hope the cow cream works on them too. Cutting carbs is nearly impossible for me....I really love candy & sugar, which is almost 100% carbs. I
  12. I just got back from my derm appt for this month.....I asked him how long I would be taking it. He told me the full course in the United States is "typically 5 months". He says that he wants me to do the full 5 months. Ugh! I was hoping for 4 months since I am at a higher dosage. I guess it's a good thing, but it seems so long. My lips are still splitting and cracking. The underside of my lower arms are now breaking out with terrible eczema. I have never had that before---and boy does it
  13. Congrats on the hair dye! I'm glad you took the plunge....
  14. Yay!!!! I'm super happy for you! I think the stress from scheduling appointments & lab work every month makes the Accutane experience much worse that it should be. I am constantly worried about it being covered under my health care insurance. I know that our country's systems are different, but America made some terrible changes in the last few years and getting appointments is very difficult here too. We still purchase our own health care insurance (very costly), but those companies ki
  15. Oh my goodness! April 18th! That's CRAZY! I make it a point to insist on scheduling an appointment for the next month before I leave the office. I have to pay for my appointment after seeing the doc. I say, "I want to make my next appointment now" before I hand over my credit card to pay the bill. Maybe you could try calling them every morning to see if they have a cancellation for that day. Be careful about such a big gap---in the USA if you have too much of a gap before picking up your