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  1. starting my third pack of Diane 35, i'm skipping my period because i have exams and my boyfriend is in town this week lol so i went straight to the third pack. anyhow, about last week, i got about one or two SMALL pimples, they weren't cystic though. but still basically clear. i am still diong egg and lemon mask alternating. The hardest part is the dark scars, it'll prob take months to fade, about a month to fade to an acceptable level that i don't have to wear concealer. Again thank goodness fo
  2. egg white mask, that thing heals everything. no BP!!
  3. Anyone so sick of the routine/regime you have to do, i can't wait till i can just wash and go. Now that i'm in exam period i'm home more so can do more masks. I wake up, wash my face w/ tea tree bar of soap (1.99) or Lush's herbalism paste. Then i exfoliate, i don't really care too much about which i use. Then i apply either egg mask or brush lemon juice on my face. I don't have any pimples right now so i brush lemon juice on my forehead to fade scars. I have a teeny pimple beneat my nose, so i
  4. i stopped drinking milk for a month and only drank soy milk, nothing happened, soy is expensive, i went back to dairy
  5. Kids can be cruel. Wow. Being jr and high school is tough. When they make fun of you DO NOT shrink away, it's difficult but know yourself and do not let them attack your self esteem. Tell them firmly, with confidence, not angry, not with tears, but with confidence, that when they say have you looked in the mirror etc. tell them that at least you're not a cruel asshole.
  6. You really didnt have to point that out. I hate how a lot of filipinos think they are superior to everyone else umm are you joking?? ^^ (to the poster above saying Filipinos think they're superior...yeah you should go sit in a corner somewhere) anyhow, someone at my school as weird stuff too, it's literally like balls skin on his face, like...a centimeter of his face, sometimes a little cluster. and...i hate to admit it but i almost can't talk to him, like it takes all my energy not to look
  7. omg!! that doesn't look like a zit! that looks like some type of boil or something!
  8. why wearing a hat? (ps my tricks for hats, i wear super cute trendy hats, like a military hat with cute buttons on it, and i wear it so that it looks like a PURPOSEFUL fashion stmt not a "i'm hiding a zit", so i mix it with a matching shirt and big gold hoops etc.) i'm hung over, bad hair day, i lost my umbrella it's raining, it matches my outfit Why I won't take a shower with my man- i don't want to wreck my hair! within the next month my scars should be much lighter, and i will be hoppin in
  9. actually that is pretty disgusting if you have like bloody active inflamed acne. I would wear a full t shirt. Tank tops are not allowed in my gym for those hygenic reasons. Sometimes there are people at my gym with INTENSE Body Odour, i give them a bad look and refuse to even go on whatever they went on. Be considerate.
  10. ^ i'm Canadian. I don't know why it's illegal over there. They prescribe Dianette like water over here for women and acne. I have not had ONE bad side effect. No depression, no lack in sexual appetite etc. This is my second time on it, i went on it at 19 for bacne, i quickly switched because it was too expensive to tri cyclen, i have to say my bacne never really cleared up. I never had acne on my face. Anyhow, all of a sudden my bacne is completely gone, but this was before Diane, i think i jus
  11. 1 and half month, i think i'm a fast exception though.
  12. egg white masks #1 tighten your pores if you are worried about wrinkles or something as well, but it also i don't know HOW it does it, but it significantly reduces the swelling in your pimples and just seems to suck out any oil right out of it. i don't know how or why but it does, also it DOES NOT dry your skin!! it's amazing. and you're right in the morning i have to pee so badly! lol oh yeah and i mix the herbalism usually with body shop's tea tree cleanser or st. ives clear pore cleanser wit
  13. i woke up today...and excited!! another morning with no break out, and the last two remaining zits, are now scabby, another couple days and i'll be pimple free!! knock on wood. when all the marks and everything gone i'll post pics. this has been what finally changed worked: - vitamin B complex and vitamin C, daily - drink water as much as possible, before bed i force myself to drink a massive glass - the biggest factor probably Diane 35 pill - second biggest factor - EGG WHITE MASKS , i cant s