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  1. This may be a really dumb question - but is extra virgin olive oil healthy in omega 3 fats, or omega 6...???
  2. I use a base colour for the majority (except the eyebrow area). I then use a darker colour towards the outer corner of my eye and a little in the crease. Then I apply a 'highlighter' colour to my browbone and inner corner of my eye (to brighten it up). Its easy to say how to apply eyeshadow, but it takes a lot of practice (as with any makeup), which is probably why the actress has such nice makeup, as a makeup artist would have applied it, so just keep at it
  3. Well, everyone's pretty much said everything already, but just wanted to add, I think you're a great person looking out for your brother like that - he's really lucky to have you
  4. Wholemeal toast with some sort of spread (or Nutella, shh!)
  5. I have reeeallysenstive skin - would this be okay to use?
  6. Lol I suffer from bouts of depression - during these times its pretty hard for me to get out of bed, let alone anything else!
  7. I alllllways have spots on my chin. A couple sometimes on my forehead. I used to have spots all over, Roaccutane blasted most of those away
  8. With my boyfriend, probably on average 5-6 times a week (we've just started going out so we're still in that grabby-can't-get-our-hands-off-each-other phase). By myself, changes week by week. Someone every day, sometimes once a month.
  9. That probably defeats the object. I've read loads of great reviews for this, but I've only ever heard them from people with acne prone skin, as opposed to actual moderate acne, so I'm a bit worried! I may try it once, and if its good, use it as a deep cleansing method a few times a week. But like Siouxsie, I need some sort of anti-inflammatory and bacteria killing product.
  10. I love your avatar=)

  11. Took me about 4 months for my skin to clear up completely on Dianette.
  12. and its legal to drink alcohol at home in the UK at 14! and i didnt buy it! ^ It legal to drink alcohol at home at 0 years. You're mixing up the ages with drinking in restaurants with food - thats legal at 14.
  13. Tea is much better for health benefits compared to coffee. Maybe you should go slowly - how about giving tea another try and it has more caffine than herbal, but a lot less than coffee. You may be able to wean yourself onto herbal a lot easier.