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  1. I have magna care and my insurance covered it. I was completely shocked, because my insurance didn't cover anything else my doctor prescribed me. I was really worried too, I called my insurance, they told me to call my Union, for some reason, I guess because my plan is from my Union. Then they told me I wouldnt know until I picked up the prescription
  2. I agree. Accutane works really, really well for most people, but not all and it's sad because everyone thinks it's a miracle drug, and it is for most but not all. I'm on my 5th month and my skin has no improvement
  3. I take 40 a day and I'm on my last month and my skin is still really bad
  4. I'm on 40 a day... My dr said that he would probably eventually increase my dose but I'm on month 4, No increase in my dosage and my skin still looks horrible
  5. So I know I'm not suppose to go tanning while on accutane but I'm having severe withdrawals lol. What is the worst that can possibly happen? Has anyone gone tanning while on accutane??
  6. It made my period super irregular. I got my period the day after I started it, then the next month it was 2 weeks late.
  7. Yeah I think my problem is that I haven't been taking it with food. I didn't realize that it didn't work as well if you took it on an empty stomach. I thought the box only said take with food because if you took it in an empty stomach you would feel sick. I was like oh I feel fine so I'll take it with no food... But now I'm seeing that it doesn't work well if you don't. Thanks for the advice!!
  8. I'm starting my second month of accutane and I'm not seeing any results :(. I know it takes time, but I thought by now that I would see some kind of progress!! I don't even have dry skin and my lips were only chapped for the first week. im happy I don't have the side effects, but I feel like maybe it isn't working for me. Does anyone know when i should start clearing up?
  9. Ruined my clothes

    I hate proactive. It didn't help my skin and it bleached my clothes
  10. I have a weird pain on my side like under my ribs. I thought I was dying of liver failure, but my liver test came back good so I'm not sure
  11. I've been on it for 3 weeks and my skin isn't drying out yet, but I moisterize a lot
  12. Can you use benzoyl peroxide with accutane? I've read you shouldn't use any other acne creams with it, but I've also heard of people using benzoyl peroxide and it helped clear their skin up faster. My accutane isn't working I'm hoping maybe bp will help
  13. So I read that you aren't suppose to wax your eyebrows when you're on accutane, but what would happen if I did? Would it be really that bad?
  14. I haven't noticed any hair loss, but I know how you feel. I'm constantly asking my friends if they notice any of my hair missing. It's a really really scary thought.