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  1. And I can unceremoniously swat it out the window, because I've lived in Hawaii my entire life. With all do respect, a lot of you really should learn that a mere observation is not enough to make a solid accusation, so please, for the sake of not sounding ignorant or like an asshole, don't. For instance, while a good portion of the OP's observations are fairly believable as a visitor, they really don't hold much ground at all.
  2. I'm not sure ... The problem is that this kind of phylosophy has been around for centuries and it goes back to Pitagorian cyrcles and Hermetic disciplines. And that's the problem: the people either using contemplating or creating it were people who devoted huge effort and practice to such phylosophy It's people who gave up other things in order to follow such principles So it's like the difference between a person who train hardly with consistence and patience and someone who hope to become ath
  3. about the oil, do u think i can put olive oil in there? i heard olive oil extra virgin is good for your skin and body. EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil That's the kind you want. Look for cold pressed on the bottle too.
  4. If it's permanent redness (like mine) then it is likely that no topicals will do anything. The redness is caused by dilated blood vessels below the skins surface, and by definition, topical has no ways of really treating that.
  5. Depending on how dry my skin feels, Not too dry: In the shower, after cleansing, I put about 6 drops on my hand and massage into face. Leave for about 2 minutes, wash off, dry. Drier: After shower, apply 5 drops to wet face. Leave for about 5 minutes and pat face with towel. I can't say I've broken out as a result.
  6. I was actually just talking to a friend about that... odd. I'm fairly cautious to start getting cocoa though, because as far as my small little mind knew, that was why chocolate aggravated acne. It's probably the sugar though, and the cocoa has nothing to do with it?
  7. Are actual, large chunks of it peeling off? Or is it flakey? If it's flakey and dry feeling, jojoba oil does the trick quite well.
  8. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which protect you from free radical damage (such as sunlight, which likely attributed to your red spots/hyperpigmentation) . So while it may not directly help you in reducing the visibility of your red spots, it will at least aid you in not damaging the areas any further and allowing the skin to heal, not to mention Green Tea is exceptionally healthy and good tasting.
  9. I would get of the B5 for general health reasons. Aside from that, your call.
  10. I don't see how it would... Unless your cleanser or any other facial product contains a photosensitizing ingredient like Salicylic Acid, I wouldn't say so.
  11. I read some experiences with Accutane for Rosacea. One guy was on it 6 years, and afeter break - again on Accutane! This is no solution... Oh I don know what to doo, my face looks bad. Some people say laser, some Accutane, but its individual and can make it worse!
  12. Um.. well, this is fairly bizarre... Anyone with nice skin can firstly attribute it to genetics. Then external factors (environmental stress', diet, hygiene, and etc) come into play, but it is largely genetics.