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  1. I bought this foundation the other day on a whim. I usually buy MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC20 which is a pretty close match for me, but I wanted to try something with a bit more of a staying power for nights out and such. So I switched to MAC Pro Longwear in NC20 which I found to be slightly darker than the Studio Sculpt, but it offered to me higher coverage and longer staying power. However after about a week or so after use I also noticed I started breaking out in several small red bump
  2. Done and done! x

  3. Empty your inbox Silly Bear, i'm trying to send you something.

    Care Bear x

  4. I seeee youuuuu

  5. I love your make-up, it is a perfect 1950s going out look! Your skin looks absolutely flawless and glowing afterwards, I must admit I am jealous!! I think the lip color is lovely and perfect for a night on the town or on its own with just mascara during the day. But then I just really like bright lipstick colors myself
  6. IMO - Leggings worn as pants is a huge NO-NO!! No one wants to see your jiggly bits or camel toe please, so unless you have the figure of a model, please cover the front and back area up with a long top or dress or tunic etc. I used to really dislike Uggs, until I got a pair for my birthday that is They feel like I am wearing slippers all day, but I tend to only wear them around the house or sometimes to work (Work in a shoe store, Uggs are comfy if I am on my feet all day) I don't live in min
  7. Good luck, you seem to be doing very well and should feel proud. I know you will have beautiful skin in no time
  8. At the moment I am using either MAC Studio Sculpt concealer, which I love or their Studio Finish concealer when I feel I need more coverage, but both are kinda pricey, and not sure if they are oil-free. However they last ages and MAC does have an amazing color selection. Another good concealer I used before that had great color selection was by Paula Begoun, although you can only get most of her skincare and makeup online I believe. Sorry wish I could help more You could always just drop b
  9. Currently I am using: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 OR * http://www.acne.org/mac-studio-sculpt-foun.../814/page1.html MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 * http://www.acne.org/mac-studio-fix-fluid-s.../815/page1.html MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer OR * http://www.acne.org/mac-studio-sculpt-conc.../816/page1.html MAC Select Cover Up Concealer OR * http://www.acne.org/mac-select-cover-up-re.../817/page1.html MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 * http://www.acne.org/mac-studio-finish-spf-.../818/pa
  10. What kind of makeup do you mean? Face makeup like foundation and concealer and blush, or eye makeup like eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara or both? Because then I may be here a while giving you my list
  11. Have you actually ever used any other products from MAC than just their foundations? Seriously I hate it when people make statements like that when they haven't even used the full range of the products and just call it crap because one product broke them out or they thought it was overpriced.... I can honestly say that for myself personally I have not found anything close to their pigments nor their eyeliners...
  12. I have luckily never heard anyone make any bad comments about my skin to my face, in fact my friends and family usually tell me my skin is a lot better than I see it myself... so I have sorta of the opposite problem, where I am convinced if I get one or two new pimples my skin is horrible when actually it was a lot worse before..
  13. Aww Happy very belated Birthday Dan!!!
  14. I used MAC Studio Fix Liquid foundation for a couple of years, and to be honest I quite liked it. It offered me the coverage I needed at times, blended well and did not seem to break me out any more or aggravate my current acne. However I will admit that it did tend to look cakey after the 8 hour period or go sligthly chalky if I applied multiple layers. I tried out the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in comparison to Studio Fix when it came out, and in my opinion the coverage isn't as heavy as Stu