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  1. My neck is peeling somewhat and i tried to use the eucerin on it but its not effective . Im not applying the regiemen to my neck but the flakiness is there. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of this?
  2. haha thats hilarious. I know its wrong but god thats funny
  3. What? How would they keep them around longer?
  4. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ! I dont even think thats acne Besides how could that physically even happen?
  5. The regimen says to use warm water and then make the fnal rinse cold. I dunno y that is but thats what it says
  6. ummm Bp is gonna make your skin look bad in the first week. Look at the timeline "Some Inital worsening" Once you keep on using it the redness subsides and your body adjusts
  7. Ive missed it a few times. I dont think its as big a deal as you guys make it seem. Just make sure you do it once that day and try your best to stay on top of it
  8. Dans right That eucerin renewal works wonders for dry skin. My skin was peeling pretty bad when i was using the netrigena moisturizer but since i applied the renewal i havent had a problem wiht my skin drying out. If you cant find it order it! ITs well worth it
  9. anybody try that Pan-Oxl bar? Thats what my dermatologist perscribed. Its got 10% Bp and im about to try it, Ill keep anyone whose interested updated
  10. I think you should use the Bp first b/c thats what the regimen says. Is there anybody who uses the moisturizer first and has gotten good results?