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  1. Day 31 on accutane. first of all its my birthday tomorrow and i am also going to London. i haven't had a new pimple in 4 days, so right now i am just healing my old pimples. I feel like whenever i get a pimple and decide not to pop it or touch it, it takes SUCH a long time for it to dry up or go away, so that means i only have 2 active pimples now, but they are finally starting to dry up, and shrink. Other than that i have some read marks that are disappearing more and more. Not too bad. I ho
  2. Day 23 on accutane. Alright i have been on this drug (20 mg) for 3 weeks now and here is the update: My skin has gotten a lot better and I see a great process, however i still break out and that annoys me a lot. 2 days ago I was almost able to go to school without any makeup on (I only had to conceal 3 spots. I never wear foundation or powder), and that felt so great, but that is not the case now... It just sucks when you think you have had your last pimple, and then 3 new appears the next d
  3. Hey! just found your post. I am on my 8th day on actuate also 20mg and have mild acne too, and i have not experienced any side effects yet. I can see that this post is relatively old, so can i ask you when you started seeing results and how it is going know? is your skin clear?
  4. Thank you for your respond and story! I hope i dont have to wait two months before i see any improvement, but i know it will be worth it in the end.
  5. Hey people out there I am a 15 year old girl and I have been struggling with mild to moderat acne for half a year. I know it is not a very long time, but it has been the longest 6 months of my life, and i have never been more sad in my life. I have no social life any more. I dont want to go to school. I dont want to get up in the morning. I literally cry several times every day, so I am basically depressed. Luckely i visited a derm 2 weeks ago, and i was prescribed Accutane 20 mg. I have