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  1. I actually have that on my body but these are invisible spots that aren't bumps so i'm unsure if it's KP. I have the Aztec Clay at home, I'll use that. Thank you
  2. I have a clarisonic that I use a few times a week, however I've hardly seen a change in my skin with it. It's good for cleaning though. I also use the paula's choice 2% bha gel afterwards which is good. Honestly though I'm not good with routines so I usually do this whenever I feel like I need it, only during night time. Which i guess is why my skin looks like this but these pores are so stubborn so I'll have to wait a long time until I see a difference.
  3. My skin looks exactly like in this picture. I have these flesh colored spots that are literally everywhere and there's not a single patch of skin that doesn't have these spots. Does anyone know what it is? Or how to get rid of it? I've had it for years. My spots are more obvious than in these pictures. And it's even worse when I put on makeup because it makes it even more obvious.