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  1. Yep I get constipated ALOT, like I don't go for a poo for maybe 4-5 days. Then when i do i have to strain SO hard and my poo is really hard and small little lumps (SORRY) My skin also feels better after ive had a big poo, it feels much softer and I think softer = it starts to heel better. But my job I have to sit down all day so maybe thats why I don't poo alot, i drink loads of water too
  2. Hey, So I have noticed something strange that I hadn't noticed before... When I left college (18) I was unemployed for about 2 years and used to go to bed at 3am and wake up at 1-2pm and my skin was terrible even though i was getting almost 12 hours sleep. But because my skin was so bad i hardly went out and sat at home all day. But now I'm 21 and I am working so I go to bed at 12 and wake up at 7:30 and my skin gets better through out the week, but at the weekend I go to bed really late and
  3. Hi all, For a few years now I havn't had acne, like big cysts and stuff, but now I only have loads of red marks on very smooth skin. Everytime i get a spot it takes a month to fade, by which time ive got 10 more and it's like going in a circle. Also everytime i sit down for a period of time and get up again i get REALLY dizzy and my eyes go black and I can't see for 5 seconds lol I don't eat fruit or veg but also don't eat fast food. Normal meal is maybe chicken, baked beans etc The slow heal
  4. Been using it for a week now and doesn't seem to be doing much. No dryness or anything. Very frustrating just wan't these stupid things gone
  5. So does anyone know the best way of using this? Is it by following the instructions on the bottle or maybe leave it on for 10 minutes then wash off? What works the best?
  6. Yep agreed 100% Shame there isn't a way to switch from red mark to scar :@
  7. Hey Wynne, I found a little tub of them Avon ANEW clinical advanced retexturizing peel wipes that my mum has got but she's on holiday so I'm going to steal them! muaha Could you explain to me what they actually do? Will they literally make my skin peel? How many times to use them and when? Thanks
  8. The Dude - Congratulations firstly! Secondly how bad were your red marks? Because some people exaggerate how bad there marks are (not saying you are) lol Would you be able to find a picture on google or maybe you have one before of how your red marks looked so people can see if it will work for them
  9. Does anyone else have this? I get spots on my chin and occasionally some cysts on my cheeks, and the red marks are all blendid together but some places where I have never got a spot before has redness on the skin, it looks like its right on the top of the skin but still very annoying. Looks like I have severe acne ;/ If all these redness was gone my skin would be 80% clearer, anyone know how to get rid of it, I guess its not like the standard red marks from spots. thanks
  10. Thanks for all the replies, is this tinted moisturizer likely to cover red marks though? I was thinking more along the lines of that powder stuff that you get a little sponge thing and pat it on. But I will try these for sure, thanks kaila and elf
  11. So as most guys I know NOTHING about make up lol, I havn't got any acne left just loads and loads of red marks, but my face is as smooth as someone with perfect skin. Could anyone tell me what the best kind of makeup would be to cover them which doesn't look obvious that I have make up on Thanks for the help, oh and if you could give links to what they look like that would be fab as I don't know my mascarer to my eye liner lol thanks
  12. Now I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I have no idea what to call my red marks, I see posts like Delna's ACV topic but look at her pictures and can't see any red marks? Can red marks be blendid together or is that bad skin tone? Or are red marks just single marks left from single spots or cysts. Like someone could start a post saying 'this works for red marks!' but they could be completely different from anyone elses red marks I hope you know what I'm getting at lol
  13. You might want to stop making all these topics and just put all your questions into one post But I don't know, sorry
  14. Thanks for the reply, theoretically you would of thought it would help red marks, plus with ACV should double up the speed, but I've read a few posts saying retin a causes red marks oh the confusion! lol