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  1. As we all know, Acne.org provides the best and most affordable BP. I live in the UK, and of course the shipping cost from the USA isn't cheap, around £30. Once it arrives, I then have to pay an additional importation fee of £36 pounds. Through no fault of Acne.org, this makes it excessively expensive option for a BP source in the UK. A few years ago you could buy 2.5% BP for cheap in any pharmacists. For some reason, all 2.5% and most of the 5% solutions were taken off the market. 10% is s
  2. One final question, what would be the cheapest and suitable thickening agent for this mix? suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. This is massively helpful, thank you. I just need to figure out which from the ingredients list is which
  4. Thanks for the info Control Panel. Please could you offer your advice. The moisturizer I am looking to recreate is to calm and mask red facial skin. I know the ingredients lists are listed in order of what they contain the most of, so am starting from scratch and have started purchasing them in the order they appear. I am really hoping that the real active ingredients which have a positive effective on calming and masking facial redness are early on in the ingredients list, so I won't have
  5. Hello, My favorite moisturizer is being discontinued I am attempting to remake it myself because nothing has come close to how effective it is. Does anyone know of a suitable web forum where I can get assistance in the process in making my own moisturizer? Thanks
  6. I am still very annoyed that panoxyl stopped producing their 2.5%, ordering from acne.org is costing me a fortune. Its not really their fault, the customs office puts a £30 bill on importing it. Does anyone have the latest info on obtaining 2.5% gel in the UK? Thanks
  7. Update: still clear skin, apart from when I drink alcohol. The following day after drinking I will have a small amount of body acne, which disappears quickly. Still utterly convinced this high intake of olive oil is doing wonders for my skin, both stopping acne and resolving other skin issues.
  8. I have been suffering from acne since early teens, moderate acne, not terrible but very irritating. I found out about benzoyl peroxide about 10 years ago, so had it under control ever since. I get occasional big spots on my face and some body acne. It definitely got better as I got older (now 27), and i've made a couple of attempts to come of the benzoyl peroxide, but then I always get the odd huge spot on my face so immediately start back on BP. I decided to try an experiment. Two ta
  9. I have been plagued by acne since I was 13. After many unhappy years, I found Dan & Benzoyl Peroxide when I was roughly 20. Its 7 years on, and I recently decided to become vegetarian. I noticed an improvement in my skin, and tried stopping putting on benzoyl peroxide any more. I don't seem to get spots on my face any more, but still on my body. Thoughts? Do you think turning vegetarian stopped me from getting spots on my face? Or do you think this is a natural plateau, as I am no
  10. Do you have any links to literature for this as proof? Interested to read, cheers
  11. A hobby of mine is weight lifting. When I am heavily involved in weight lifting, my acne dramatically increases (see this post for details http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/322662-weight-lifting-acne/) When heavily involved in weight lifting, I need higher concentrations of Benzoyl Peroxide to keep acne at bay. Because I see Dan as the Messiah of Benozyl Peroxide, I think it would be great if he brought out the higher concentrations for affordable prices. No other companies
  12. What is everyone else's experience with weight lifting and acne? To put it in its simplest terms, increased levels of testosterone in the body will in turn increase sebum production, thus increase acne. Hence why people who use steroids often experience acne as a side effect. If someone is heavy resistance weight training, they will of course be aiming to increase muscle mass and size, which relies heavily on increasing the bodies endogenous testosterone production. I have definitely e