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  1. ahhh thank you. this is a fantastic website; it really has the potential to change people's lives. it's kind of like Alcoholic's Anonymous (I'm an alcoholic) for people with acne. I mean that in a good way: AA changes lives, and i'm sure these message boards have too.
  2. Whatup y'all...I've been using the regimen for...I think about a year now! It's definitely the best and most effective thing I've used. I have far from clear skin, but that's because due to laziness/apathy I usually on average due the regimen 2.5 times every 4 days or so. That said, I'm pretty satisfied. One thing does worry me though...I haven't seen a dermatologist, and if I miss an application or two my acne starts to get really annoying. I'm fine with being diligent, but would there be
  3. So, I've been doing the DKR for 3 months almost exactly, and there has been no change in my skin. If anything, it's gotten a little worse. Let me give you some background information on myself. I'm 17 years old, have had acne in some form since I was 14 (though it was never really a problem until around 6-8 months ago), and I'd say it's moderate, concentrated on my upper cheeks, though lately it's crept into the chin and beard area as well. In the worst areas, my acneis fairly bad, but it
  4. I can't get over how cute the little boy is..... I've been looking at this thread for a couple weeks just to see him. Oh, and your acne is mild IMO.
  5. OK, so I know that many in the colder regions of the world may scoff at the thought of sun exposure in February, but in California, you need to be prepared at ALL TIMES. Does anybody know of a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic that doesn't have a strong fragrance, or weird texture.....in otherwords, a good sunscreen?
  6. Your acne isn't a big deal, if the dip has showed results so far, hopefully it'll continue to do so. If that doesn't work, the DKR (CSR?) should. P.S. Fuck the Broncos.
  7. Does anybody know of a wipe/cloth that can clear away oil? I have a very oily nose, but I don't want to add another product to my regimen and add more time to my daily routine, I'd rather just wipe it away. Does anyone in the US know of a product that is good? Any response is appreciated.
  8. Hmm, can someone elaborate on the hair clipping thing? The unfortunate paradox that I've discovered is that when I don't shave I have a hard time treating my beard areas as a result of the hair that's there, but shaving really irritates my skin and I'm positive it causes breakouts. What do you, crevin/real maverick (or anyone else who uses it), use to clip the hairs? How expensive is it? Is it better that an electric razor? Gracias.
  9. See my post under Maverick's original post about Sudocrem. I just ordered a dozen containers to be shipped to me in the U.S. Donna I'll absolutely buy some.
  10. Thanks everybody. Actually, my acne looks very good today.....which is weird. I think it corresponds to my beard. Usually the day of and day after I shave my acne looks AWFUL, but the farther I get from shaving the better it looks. I've only started shaving consistently recently because Dan recommended it.....yet I'm wondering if my acne looking better is just a result of me having more hair on my face to distract me or if it actually is better as a result of irritation....
  11. Cool, but are there any vitamins which could be detrimental to acne? Because if I get a multi-vitamin with some good stuff like zinc but along with something else that is comedogenic, then that would suck. But if that's not possible, then it's all good.