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  1. That is a lot of good research. I know the drug comes with lots of risks, most drugs do although accutane may be higher than some. Still, this blog is about the long-term effects of accutane. Your research shows no proof that accutane has these effects in the long-term, especially permanently. In addition, you didn't mention how common these effects are. Most of these studies were probably done outside human subjects (eg rats, cells) and for the ones done on humans, the effects most-likely varie
  2. Is that a joke? Are you saying pub med is not credible or are you just trying to be funny? Again, you just made multiple accusation with no basis, and really stupid and extreme ones too that I have no reason to believe. If you actually knew anything about drugs you'd know that every drug is a controlled poison. Haven't you ever heard the dose is what determines the poison? Even alcohol is a poison and people choose to drink it. And there are lots of drugs where the long term side effects are unk
  3. Actually I'm in college and major in biology. And you're missing the point. Doctors have gone through extreme amounts of training to make sure they are doing good for their patients. I think they know more then you about how the drug works and if it is safe to use than you. Some doctors might make mistakes but the majority of the time they know what they are doing. I think I trust a doctors advice over your "instinct" also. You have no idea whats causing your problems and if your instinct is rig
  4. the doctors are on board. They are trained to know the risks and benefits of treatments and to sort out scientific facts from BS. You and the 100s of people who say their lives were ruined by accutane have no medical education, are not in any position to judge the effects of accutane, and have no right to blame accutane for all of their problems. Believe it or not, the body is a lot more complicated and resilient for any unqualified blogger to understand. People seriously need to stop blaming
  5. I think prostatis usually comes from having too much testosterone (in some cases). There are some studies that show that accutane actually decreases testosterone slightly during treatment so I don't think it would have this effect. I asked my dad (who is a doctor) if accutane would have any long term problems on my hormones and hes said drugs only have an effect on you while they are still in your body, so there should be no effects 14 years after treatment. Side note: Most of your body will b
  6. Does anyone know if accutane stunts growth?

  7. I heard a possible rare side effect of taking accutane is stunted growth. I was wondering if anyone who has taken accutane could share if they grew in height while taking accutane or after stopping accutane. I am also interested in hearing about any cases of accutane stunting growth. Thanks