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  1. there are very few consistants with acne, and as such, the fact that your acne is not aflicted by smoking could very well be a general rule for yourself. unfortunitly smoking for me has always been a very potant agrevant to my skin.
  2. pretty much as acne is a symptom, theres no broad way to define its causes and definitive agrevants (3 to 1 odds say i just made that word up) sugar may cause spikes in inflamation in some through raised levels of... insulin?, while causing no such inflamation in others, and the same may be said of spiked hormone levels from self release.
  3. A fair bit back i had posted a poll in this forum asking if people with acne had a problem gaining weight, and it was at about a 3 to 1 ratio of yes over no with about 20 or so votes. After gaining this seemingly relevant information brought forth on the fact that i have not seen more then a sparse few overweight individuals with acne and the majority of severe cases were held by overly slimmer individuals (including myself, i can eat food endlessly and not gain a single pound) , i could not dra
  4. just tryin to see if there was a trend between trouble gaining weight and having acne thank you for voting =)
  5. i heard that oil preventing aging is all a bunch of nonsense but i dont remember where i just started using this stuff last night and i think its already slowing down my oil production =) if it was that incredibally damaging it wouldnt be applied to the skin at all! and i would take early aging over a face full of acne scars any day!!
  6. dood dood dood the arid stuff is a SPRAY it only says avoid face so you dont get a mouth full of it
  7. get borage oil 1000mg (~240gla) get lecithin take 4 borage oil capsules and a lecithin capsule in the morning with a glass of milk less then 2 minutes before eating (~2 gulps of milk before taking a capsule) take 4 more borage oil capsules and a lecithin capsule at night the same way with dinner been ~ 4 days and i am sooooo clearing up
  8. now brand triple strength lecithin now brand borage oil 1050mg (240mg GLA) 30mg zinc 1000mg vitamin c how should i take all of it?
  9. what kind of results did people get from EPO, black currant, or borage oil?
  10. GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) is a hormone balencing fatty acid it is found in Borage oil, Black Currant oil, and Evening Primrose oil it has been reported to significantly reduce present acne i am not asking how much borage oil, black currant oil or EPO you took/are taking im asking how much GLA you were consuming 1g of borage oil has ~ 220mg GLA 1g of epo has ~ 100mg GLA so if you took 4g of borage oil you were taking about 1g GLA if you were taking 8g of borage oil you were getting about 2g
  11. hey Smashing i dont think that the one poster was being immature and saying it wont disapear i think he was just trying to be sarcastic over the internet (it almost never works) oh and mad love for talking about apple cider vinegar helps out so much thank you
  12. i lost my dad 2 years ago too i broke down built myself back up and broke down again in about one week the prognosis went from.. "hes developed cancer, but its in the begining stages so he has a good while until it affects him" "we've discovered the cancer has spread to his liver, but he still has about a good 6 months" "the cancer reached his spine, im sorry to say but he has roughly a month left" "he worsened overnight, the cancer has spread to his brain. he can still hear, but it has rendere