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  1. You have closed comedones for sure! Try a retinoid or tactupump/epiduo from your doctor or walk-in clinic
  2. Epiduo/Tactupump.. Looks like you have closed comedones
  3. I think at least some of them are closed comedones.. Epiduo/Tactupump works great one them if you ask you doctor for a prescription
  4. Hey! I would suggest Tactupump/Epiduo (same thing). It works really well at getting rid of acne and preventing new breakouts. It also helps get rid of/face scars and make pores smaller. You need a prescription from your doctor or walk-in clinic but you can just straight up ask for the product and it should be no problem!
  5. Try Tactupump/Epiduo… workers wonders on different kinds of acnes.. You may get some dry skin for a couple weeks but better than the acne. You need a prescription but you can just ask your doctor for it and it should be no problem.
  6. Tactupump is unreal for closed comedones
  7. I found the most amazing moisturizing/soothing cream for acne prone skin called Avene Clearance Hydra, it's SO GOOD. Its specially for skin that is dry from using topical creams like retinoids.
  8. I was prescribed retinoids for my acne as well, and while they did get rid of a lot of the acne, they left my face full of red, raw spots. I went back to the derm and they gave me Tactupump (which I think is Canadian but they should have the same thing under a different name elsewhere). After a couple weeks of using it my skin healed like crazy and it also prevented new acne from forming. Definitely give it a shot!
  9. They definitely look like closed comedones. Any form of retin a should take care of them, or Tactuo from the pharmacy if they sell it! Tactuo worked wonders on my closed comedones.
  10. Hi! I had close comedones just like that this past summer, Tactuo "Tactupump" works miracles if you want to ask the pharmacist about it, or try a form of retin a from the dermatologist. Don't pick them!!!
  11. Getting a prescription of Tactuo "Tactupump" works MIRACLES on closed comedones!!!!!!