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  1. Milia usually requires dermatologist extraction or exfoliation and BP isn't an exfoliant so I'd hazard a guess at no. Can't hurt to try though.
  2. I'm not sure about this. Sometimes it works really well but once I left BP gel on a pimple overnight and it left a horrible burn, like the red scaly thing someone was talking about before! Other times it has stopped pimples in their tracks though. Go figure, I guess.
  3. Yeah, there is no test for products to see if they don't clog pores. Within reason, manufacturers can put "non-comedogenic" on anything.
  4. Applying Hydrocortisone on your face is dangerous. It can result in permanent thinning of the skin and I'm sure I read something regarding it increasing vein visibility. There are numerous other reasons why it's a bad idea, none of which I can remember right now. But suffice it to say, it's definitely not a good idea. Go for Dan's Regimen!
  5. I would also be VERY careful about buying Accutane online - it comes with a lot of health warnings for a reason, and derms insist on regular liver and blood checks because of the potency of the drug. You should go and consult a derm before you do anything with Accutane; if say, 2 derms say you don't need it perhaps then consider getting it online.
  6. Could be milia too - any chance of some photos?
  7. How far into the regimen are you? And are you using bp gel? Also, remember the regimen is all about technique. You have to physically get the benzoyl peroxide into every pore to stop every pore getting inflamed! Watch the videos once more and check the instructions just to make sure.
  8. Over the counter only. I know my local Tesco does it. But it's very harsh stuff. I'd recommend using bp gel over it, it'll work much more effectively and won't make your skin look like you've taken a blowtorch to it.
  9. Lol.. how does his statement lack.. logical deduction? And a touch of realism? I have no idea what you're talking about - maybe you don't feel part of the community, but a lot of others do.
  10. Hey Matt, What are you looking to achieve from any such treatments? From your looking at your pic you seem to have very very mild acne, so do you want to treat that acne? Or perhaps improve skin tone? Let us know.
  11. You know, it's not very nice to be mean to him just because he needs a favour. We're all in this acne thing together, don't be such pricks.
  12. You sound like you know what you want - Accutane. Go into the derm and make it clear you have tried everything with no improvement and that it is accutane you need. And DO NOT BUY IT OFF THE NET - accutane is a powerful drug that requires medical supervision. If this derm won't give it to you, go to another (but do make sure it's what YOU WANT before you take it - it can cause very potent side effects).
  13. I'd have to guess that it's just another moisturiser. There are so many on the market I would not spend £25 on one when it probabyl does the same thing as a £6 one. It looks like you live in the UK so I'd recommend going down to your local Tesco and picking up Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Active Soy Night moisturiser.. does wonders overnight! As for a daytime one, I think there's a day version of the aforementioned product. You'll get both for about £13 - much better than £25. Goo
  14. Not all acne takes 2 weeks to form, but it is true that a lot does. I'd guess mostly cysts, which form deep inside you, not so much whiteheads and blackheads. But again I'd say it's not an exact thing.
  15. Few points: Make sure you are following the regimen exactly, this cannot be stressed enough. I kept breaking out until I rubbed it in gently, all over my face exactly as the instructions said. BAM. Clear skin. I'd perhaps try moisturising at night. It may just help to balance out your face and keep everything in check. Otherwise, keep it up. Day 15 is VERY early!