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  1. im trying to get back into shape since it's summer time. i been on whey protien weight gainer mix with milk for 2 week and creatine not mono(sizeon) for 2 days. i notice my skin is getting alittle oily, i getting really really small pimple(white pus head) and my old pimple are redish. my face is not breaking out yet and i hope that. i sleep around 2-3 in the morning.

    any suggestion?

  2. i don't have the worst acne, have alot of small blackhead on my nose, a alittle of cyts in few places and a few white head. i be getting a few of these big pimple and small break on my face but it wont stop. I used to have clear skin and i miss it lolz. i havent drink soda or eat chocolate for like 6 year, it cause me to breakout.

    if i take accutane would my body be depending on the drug, like if i stop the treatment would my acne will get worst? where can i get accutane?

    does sleeping late cause big breakout?

  3. today i discover and really big pimple on my chest. it so red and it hurt so much. it hurt around it.. what should i do. well i kinda pick it and it swelling. but the pimple is so hard. it doesnt itch too.

  4. This morning i wake up with alot red spots(underneath the eyes). they arent bump, they are more like red freckle and flat.

    i don't feel any itching or hurting. i didnt wash my face that night. i just ate some dinner and dranks some juices. should i worry about this?

    after i took a shower and wash my face, the red freckle fade alittle but not much.

    someone please help?

  5. hi dinny, if you type proactive into the search engine on this site you will find a wealth of information on how people have gone with the proactive system..it seems most people didnt have long term results with the program..but some people still swear by it. i have never used it myself so i cant really comment but search it out and read what other people have said. hope this helps

    wow, im surprise at the result of imformation on proactive .. i going to give dr kern regimen solution a try.

    i should buy all three bottle of solution rite?

  6. my friend told me this product work good. i currently use proactiv but the most area that pimple alway coming back is my cheek and between my eyebrown. well the proactiv treatment seem to help alittle bit. i was wondering does the Dan Kern's Regimen product work better than proactiv solution.