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  1. I've been using Paula's choice cleanser for awhile now and I'm afraid I'm running out and don't really feel like ordering offline anymore. So could anyone suggest a good gentle cleanser for sensitive skin that has no added fragrances, and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate? EDIT: Also something that isn't expensive and can be purchased at a place like Walgreen's or wal-mart.
  2. Alright I'm going to start using differin soon and I know there will be a IB and such and then it will get better. Well my derm prescribed a year's worth of differin. So after the year is up what happens? Does my skin go back to having acne or what? Sorry this seems like a stupid question but my derm was very vague and didn't explain anything, she was more interested in the mole on my arm. Actually my acne was the last thing she looked at and just immediately prescribed me differin without ev
  3. Yes they go away on their own. I've let alot of my whiteheads come out of their own and i've noticed the scab heals faster.
  4. I completely agree. My derm was more interested in the dermatitis and blue nevis mole on my arm than my whiteheads. That's the last thing I told her about while she was walking out the door, she was like ok you get differin lolz. Too bad she didn't tell me it would cost me 109 dollars. I could care less about what type of mole I have, though it is pretty cool that it's blue, I just wanted something fr my face. Also my mom said something about my popping my zits, she looked at my chin and said ye
  5. Snow Queen uses the liquid and likes it a lot ... it sounds like her skin is oilier than mine, though. It's really just a matter of personal preference. You might want to get samples of each. How long have you been using Retin A, and how has your skin reacted to it? I've been using it for a few months I think only for my forehead nose and chin. I alternate with 12% AHA. While my skin is less bumpy, it hasnt been completely flawless. I still get bumps and they come and go all the time. My
  6. Hello, I have many of clogged pores and I tend to get very small papules every once in a while, well I recently found an bottle of neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment, well has anybody seen any good results from that product?
  7. -Aloe Vera Gel -Revlon Colorstay -Paula's Choice BHA Gel I need all of these to live.
  8. Yeah it does! Though most of my redmarks are faded thanks to aloe vera gel and ACV. Though it covers up the few I have and my active acne. I suggest "setting" it with a light dusting of mineral make-up and a MMU finishing powder. It looks awesome on me, and it's much better for my skin. I use to set it with some covegirl powder and it broke me out so bad! I found out it was the talc, and luckily colorstay has no talc in it!
  9. How many other people notice that sleeping on a certain side gives them more acne there? I sure do!
  10. 40% Irish 40% Italian 10% British 5% French 5% Scottish There probably some more, lol.