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  1. In my case, I went on topicals a few weeks after accutane (the second course) was up. I've been clear since so i highly recommend it if youre still breaking out after the course.
  2. In the cons to using accutane category, you guys missed a huge one. If you go on accutane, your skin becomes very thin and VERY slow to heal. Be careful shaving and playing sports if youre on accutane.
  3. Tdot you're still hot too, I think alot of people in this forum sell themselves short.
  4. I think that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and if someone can't appreciate you for who you are, then they can't really appreciate beauty at all.
  5. Hey xmistakex, you're hot, and don't let a little blemish ruin you're self-image. You'll get through it, and there's always tomorrow. Anyway, I think your skin looks fine, and a million other people on this website are probably jealous of your skin!
  6. I'm gonna be honest, anyone else tried the neutragena blue stick acne cover. It is not "make up" per se, but it is basically concealer with salicylic acid. I feel kind of humiliated admitting it, but I used it alot in High School.
  7. I once tried putting just regular vitamin A topically on my face and it made me break out extremely bad! dont do it, it was one of the worst days of my life. It could have been because the vitamin A capsule I took was cod liver oil ewwwww. And yeah, you can OD and die on vitamin A so dont take too much!
  8. Hey Im new to posting, but I was the same way last year with my second course of accutane. Even after 6 months on accutane for the second course at 70mg per day I was still breaking out with small popules and pustules on my chin. I was freaking out thinking nothing would work, and I would never get rid of my acne. However, I started using duac and differin about a month after I was finished with my second course of accutane and since then Ive been *nearly* breakout free for more than 10 month