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  1. Singing RnB Programming in C/C++/Java/Javascript/C#/J#/PHP/mySQL/XHTML/Assembler
  2. I don't know if I understand the post. But Girls playing hard to get is not a turn on.
  3. Probably not. Acne on girls is a major turn off for me. Age: 23
  4. Ugh. Normally these days i'm totally clear. But I just got one big fat zit right between my eyebrows. Damn, that has to be one of the worst places to get a zit. Cause when your talking to someone, and looking in their eyes, your always concious that the zit is there.
  5. lol.. This is the funniest thread i've seen in a while... Anyway, theres nothing wrong with wearing conceler. Back when I used to have acne I used to use it daily. Trust me, no one can notice, and it gives you a hell of a confidence boost. Who the hell wants to see red marks on someones face anyway? This is the society we live in today, we all strive for perfection. Theres no point in living in the dark ages, and if people are non the wiser what does it matter? Just give it a go
  6. I have a small burn scar on my wrist. I attempted to treat it with bio oil, and it didnt seem to do much good. Dont know how well it will work for acne scars though
  7. You should try SA then BP. If your skin can take it, it works wonders.
  8. Youve said what you think, but you havent explained why. What is your reasoning behind this theory?
  9. Everyone needs moisturisor after a shower, shave etc