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  1. Your body went into shock- it's normal- but is a warning that you should slow down. Many people go into shock when they are injured- just take it easy- you'll be just fine
  2. i get the same thing after working out- which i attribute to low blood sugar- you may be hyper-glycemic
  3. Are you offering needling in Chicago? If so I would like to come and see you- Let me know. E-muny
  4. CM77 when you talk to frank at transitions again- could you get the name and # of the Lady who will be doing needling in Chicago- I live in Chicago and would love to get in touch with her. Thank you E-Muny
  5. Nar- Unfortunately he is going to find out sooner or later. Maybe when you meet him- you can comment (feed ego on how his skin is so nice) then talk about how your skin really bothers you and wish you had skin like his. It will make you look very human and if he is as cool as he says he is- he is going to understand and maybe he won't notice your scars. Some people don't see them. I know I have complained to people in the past- and they called me crazy. I know they are there- I see people
  6. Mal- Stress from worrying about acne can cause acne. You're a young fellow- you are going thru hormonal changes. Take a look at your diet. Many things could aggrevate your condition. Have you ever heard of the Paleo Diet? It's a diet which humans were made to eat. It's very simple- Fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Stay away from dairy- soda- grains - meaning breads and pasta. When I had acne very bad- I always heard that milk was good for hair skin and nails- which then I con
  7. Fire your derm- He doesn't know what he is talking about. Don't give this guy your money- you should find another that will do a series of peels to refresh and clear your skin.
  8. What MB is reffering to is the Paleo diet- which is what the human body is supposed to eat. Carbs come from fruits and vegetables- so you are getting carbs, but grains are processed and aren't supposed to be consumed by humans.
  9. I'm going to have needling done by a tatoo artist for indented facial scarring, rolling and pock marks. The artist told that he would see keloid type scarring if the person would have a bad reaction to the ink. He said he could remedy this problem by going over the tatoo again and bleeding out the ink. As for scarring I very much doubt needling would scar the skin. Look at anybody with a tatoo! So as I see it- needling is safe and hopefully effective. I'll keep you posted on my results. I
  10. A friend of a friend here in Chicago is a tatoo artist. He has agreed to needle my indented facial acne scars. I will be getting this procedure done every 2.5- 3 months. I will keep everybody posted on the results. I cannot share his name- he has agreed to do this as a favor- and will not needle anybody besides me- so please don't ask me his name. I am very excited and can't wait! He informed me that the needle only goes in 1/16th of an inch. I hope this works- he will be doing this with w
  11. i don't think you really have scar ing. You should get a beta lift peel once a monthj and think that you would be very pleased with your skin
  12. I think that we need different forums within the "Scar forums" - For instance we should have a Dermabrasion forum / Needling Forum / Peel Forum, etc.... I think it would save a lot of time and energy when trying to look though posts to find the exact info you are looking for. What do you all think???
  13. X- Thank you for the great info- are you in chicago? Who will you be going to? What do you think is wiser- once a month for 3 or 4 months straight or once every 3 months? Thanx for all your help