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  1. No, you should not. If you stop putting anything on your skin, it will just make your pores stay the same or maybe even become larger. My advice is looking for a good toner and moisturizer for oily face. You will see the difference on your pores and skin. Oh, and try using face mask. Clay mask is good for people with large pores oily skin..
  2. Hi. Before that, do you have bangs /fringe? I also have those small things on my forehead lately after I cut my bangs. I think oil from my face and my bangs mix with dirt and sweat (because it's so hot and humid here in my country) which make little bumps on my forehead appeared. But now my forehead almost clear from those bumps. So I always put away my hair from my face I am at home and I exfoliated every 3 days and then put face mask (I mix 2 tbs cooked oatmeal, 1 tbs Honey, 1/2 tbs milk, and
  3. No. I didn't. But recently I like to mix 1 tbs honey with 2 tbs cooked oatmeal and then add 2 drops of propolis or 4 drops of tea tree oil. You can add 1/2 tbs milk too for extra moisturizer. Oatmeal will make honey less runny and it's very good to reduce inflammation too.. So it's a win win solution..
  4. Hi, I'm sorry I must be too late right now, but maybe for the next time if it happens again (but I hope not), try to put a mix of cooked oatmilk + honey + tea tree oil on it. It helps my skin a lot. Hope it helps..
  5. Hi. I also have large pores and that's because my skin is very oily. It's normal for people with very oily skin to have large pores. I have tried everything to make my pores smaller, but nothing worked. So now I think I begin to accept my skin the way it is, as long as it clears from acne. But there are things that you can do to make your skin and pores better. First, don't skip moisturizer, even people with super oily skin need it too, just looking for moisturizer that is made for oily skin. Se
  6. If you worried, you can try honey. Raw honey. Honey is a good moisturizer and has antibacterial too. So it also can help to clear your acne. And honey is very good for sensitive skin. If you still hesitate, just do a patch test on your skin before..
  7. Hi again. I used to use Benzoyl Peroxide Cream for my acne. But please don't forget to use moisturizer cream after that because Benzoyl Peroxide can dry your skin, even if you have a very oily skin like me. Just use moisturizer that is made for oily skin (water based, not oil based). And if you have a bad habit like "picking pimples", please stop it because it will just make it worse. And for face mask, this is my recipe: I use 2 tbs cooked oatmeal, 1 tbs honey, 2/3 tbs skim milk, 4 drops tea tr
  8. Hi, I am 23 years old girl too!! I don't know if this can help you, but not long ago I had many red pimples like those on my forehead too and this is what I do and my pimples are almost disappear right now. So I use 2 tbs cooked oatmeal, 1 tbs honey, 2/3 tbs skim milk, 4 drops tea tree oil. Mix them all and apply all over your face for 15 minutes and then rinse them with water and then apply your skin care products (toner, moisturizer, etc). I do this almost everynight before I go to bed and it
  9. Hi. First of all, I'm sorry if my English is bad. I hope you can understand what I write though. So I used to use Benzoyl Peroxide, but on my face as an acne cream. From what I know BP 2,5-5% is still okay for skin. From my experience, BP will make our skin dry although I have a very oily skin and for the first time user, it can make skin red and a little bit itchy, but not too much. My dermatologist said to use it little by little (not too often at first) until my skin tolerated it and then inc
  10. Hi. I got acne since I was 10. It sucked. But my acne got worse when I was 19-20. Now I am 23 and my skin is much better. I still got acne, but not as much as before and I think maybe it's because my skin type. I have a very oily skin, so I am prone to acne.. Oh, and for your second question, if your acne is because hormone, you will get acne most along your jawline. I know because I used to have hormonal acne. Now my skin is much better and lately I am really into DIY face mask and my skin
  11. I got a lot of pustules along my jawline and some on my cheeks and forehead (but not as much as on my jawline). On my chin I got cystic or sometimes nodules..
  12. Hi. I am 23 yo female. My skin type is oily acne prone skin. This is my story about 3 years ago. So about 3 years ago I suffered with hormonal acne that was really bad. My face full of acne that usually come with pus. But like almost every hormonal acne, I got the most acne along my jawline and they are hurts and itchy. I got acne cyst that was really painful on my chin too. This made me cry sometimes because how bad it is. So I tried every acne treatment that I could because I don't want