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  1. So what should i use insted of my neutregena Startying moisturizer please help me should i stick with this one?
  2. I live in Nova Scotia Canada and they dont sell it here Instead of that What else could i use? i been using the neutrogena moisturiser for ike 3 weeks i dont know if i should still be using this
  3. its my 1 week and 1 day with this regimen, the 3rd day My face cleared up completely now im getting some break out but its not as bad as before i mostly get Those witish small pimples i dont get those humongous red ones and stuff so im gessing this is normal
  4. Thank u very much lol jk meh dont care ill wait that long
  5. this regimen is great im almsot cleared! its been almost my first week but i still have Some marks , But im having some dryness is this normal in the first week ? like White Dry beside my lips and on my chin
  6. Please DOnt include high price shipping to ur nice neightbors Canada
  7. it contains purified water , gycerin , caprylic triglyceride, cetyl Ricinoleate, isohexacane , tea-cocoyl glutamate, mythyl glucase sesquistearate , stearyl alcohol , cetyl alcohol, PEG-40 hydrogenated caster oil,PEG-20 mything glucose sesquisterate, bisabolol, Chamomile extract tocopheryl Acelate , Dipotassium glycyrhizate ,stearyl glycyrrhetinate , Tetrasodium EDTA , Acrylates /C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, Triehanolomine , BHT,Geranium, Dipropylene Glycol , PHenoxyethonol , Propylparab
  8. my mom just gave me this cleanser its called Neutregena Extra gentle cleanser should i try it out it adds back moisture every time you cleanse and it dosent contain those stuff i dont know why dan dosent have it on the list.. should i use it?
  9. oh oh i dint read the part that SA shouldnt be mixed with BP its been 4 days i been doing this my cleanser has SA IM having alot of irritation no wonder... should i go wash this up or what ? and start over again till i get the non sa cleanser? by the way what does a cleanser do?
  10. OK i got The Neutregena on the spot aswell as the Neutregena oil free moisturise but My mom made a mistake for the cleanser or i dont know.! she bought me some cream called Clearasil Deep CLeanser just reading it it says it contains 2.0% SA , and i heard here that its bad mixing BP with SA so is it alright if i use this or what?
  11. My doctor told me to use this he told me its pricy but its worth it , its used by celebrities any of u heard of it? or use it? its like 50 dollars every 2 months