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  1. i think its my 1 year aniversary too woops nvm 4 more months : i think Bp has worked great ! i thank dan for this regimen i still get some pimples sometimes white heads at times but they are small ones nothing harmfull, i still got some scars red marks from my before acne and they dont seem to fade.. now this is what im fighting
  2. I been using it for quite a while around 5 monhts it has done something but i got this huge zit on my nose ... and i put BP over my nose morning and night.. weird but THe regimen is working fine on the rest of my face sometimes i get a zit or 2 but they fade in notime.
  3. yeah for sure thats great to know ill keep in touch on the forums. Thanks
  4. i been on the regimen for about month and 3 weeks maybe and im still not cleared and i get Breakouts ](*,) its getting anoying I use Cetaphil bar on the morning then i wait 15 min, I Put on BP ( i use Alot 2 rows of Bp on a finger for each side of my face) then after 15 min i use Neutrogena Moisturicer I do this twice a day morning and before i go to bed , i havent seen any Improvements... i dont know but maybe its the Moisturizer? Dan says it would be better to use the N
  5. Hi i have one heater in my room at night and my mom tells me it causes ACne well she says i wake up oily and its a bit true i wake up oily sometimes because of it but DO u guys think this will cause breakouts?