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  1. Sry for double post i misclicked or something..well acctualy i didnt have any specific treatment, i was using efdaclar duo cream, but it wasnt better..so i stopped using everything and start taking omega 3 pills witch helped me. Do you think its possible to have clear and clean skin in the future? How bad really is my condition? Do you think honey and ginger mask would help with this? ThAnks guys
  2. Hi guys i hope you can help me with my problem. I dont know if this are acne scars or what are they..my skin is acctually pretty smooth but as you can see its very red. I hope you can tell me what is this and how can i fight these. Till age of 20 my skin was perfect and now my left side looks like this, im 24 now. Is there any home preparations that may help, maybe lemon, honey, ginger, or supplements like zync? Thanks for your help