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  1. Hi all, If anybody in Winnipeg or surrounding area wants a BeautySkin lamp, I am willing to give mine away for a loonie. I tried it on my acne in 2007 and it didn't have any effect so I can't possibly sell it for some exhorbatant price. My acne is now controlled using a OTC cleanser. I know how much money I've spent on the next new "cures" too, so here's my chance to give someone a break. Take it off my hands for a loonie and you won't feel like you've been ripped off if it doesn't work. If it
  2. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 11 & 12 Wolfy, when I said whitehead, I really meant a zit (pustule). I've finally reached three months. I don't think there's much difference between before and after treatment. I'm still breaking out - some days worse than others, just like before treatment. What I was really hoping for was a reduction in blackheads on my nose, but that has not happened. I guess I'll continue using the BS for a few more months just to see what happens. If nothing changes, I'll pr
  3. Hi Wolfy, Well, I hope you're right. The last few days have been very frustrating. I've had about 5 whiteheads, all of which I've *had* to pick at (with a sterilized needle) because I don't like going outside with them on my face. They're appearing on my cheeks now. I have red marks and bumps appearing as well, most of them not forming whiteheads, but still ugly. So right now I have about ten red marks (five from popping) all over my face, plus the ugly blackheads on my nose. I still have two m
  4. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 10 I had about four whiteheads last week. I'm quite disappointed that the numerous blackheads/clogged pores on my nose just do not seem to be responding to treatment. I've had blackheads for 23 years, which have wrecked havoc on my pores, and I've tried so many treatments. Why should I be surprised? CONCLUSION: Skin is about the same since last week. Still no reduction in blackheads (one of my major annoyances).
  5. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 9 Thanks, Wolfy, for your comments. This week I had a few more breakouts (six whiteheads), but they're mostly around the edges of my face, especially my jawline. I suspect it may be because the Beauty Skin light isn't reaching those areas as well as the rest of my face. Maybe I should slowly move my head back and forth when using it to cover those areas. Also, I'm trying to sleep on my back, but I often roll over on my side so my face is resting on the pillow. (I do cha
  6. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 8 It's been a good week for my skin. I did have to extract some of the blackheads on my nose because they were getting so annoying, but it definitely helped. The whitehead count has decreased, and I've actually gone a few days without a single new one. I'm hoping that the summer won't affect my skin too much because I work outside a lot and have to apply loads of non-comedogenic sunscreen. There's not much to complain about this week except for the still stubborn black
  7. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 7 There's been no big changes since last week. I seem to be breaking out less, but sometimes I go through these phases. The blackheads on my t-zone, especially my nose, do not seem to be affected by the Beauty Skin. This week my nose is looking worse, and I'm really self-conscious about it. If things don't improve, would the the lamp be worth the price tag? I would have to say no. I'm trying to look for changes because I want to justify this expensive purchase, but if
  8. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 6 I don't think there has been much improvement since last week, though I had been exfoliating too harshly so my skin isn't as red now. I'm definitely feeling more positive. I'm still breaking out with whiteheads here and there. The blackheads on my nose are being stubborn, but I will look into the mandelic acid you recommended, DeeAgony. Thanks all for the encouragement. CONCLUSION: No big change since last week, but skin isn't looking too bad.
  9. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 5 It's amazing how quickly your skin can improve within a week. However, I switched to a new cleanser - Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil-Removing Foaming Cleanser - so I don't know if it's that or the Beauty Skin, or a combination of both. I lather the cleanser on my face for a few minutes and then use a wet cloth in a circular motion to lightly exfoliate, then rinse off. Regardless, whiteheads are appearing less often, my skin is less oily, there are less blackheads, and my
  10. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 4 It's been a very bad week for my skin. I've had to quit the SpectroJel gel cleanser, as it appears to be responsible for breakouts all over my face. I never really felt like my skin was clean after using it. I'm still on the lookout for a decent (foaming) cleanser. After stopping it, my face is slowly healing. So at this point, four weeks into the treatment, my skin looks worse than when I started. CONCLUSION: SpectroJel may not have helped. Still 2 months to go. Try
  11. Thanks for the encouragement, Wolfy. This morning my skin looks (IMHO) really bad. More whiteheads breaking out all over, annoying blackheads in the t-zone. And then I picked at some of them a bit (who wants to walk outside with whiteheads?) and now I've got big red marks on my cheeks. My skin is going through one of those bad periods again. Can't wait for the weekend so I can - hopefully - have time to heal.
  12. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 3 I hoped to see some small signs of improvement by now, but unfortunately, that is not the case. My skin condition hasn't changed since starting treatment. CONCLUSION: No change. But still over two months to go.
  13. If anybody else would like to time theres, that'd be great. This thread is being watched because I e-mailed a U.S. distributor and they've been in contact with Dr. Kern. Try the 15 minutes if you can. Also mention the manufacture date.
  14. Hi akujin! Yes, the Beauty Skin has a mirror behind it. There is a slight warming sensation, but it certainly doesn't feel like sunbathing. I don't see why you shouldn't use your NatureBright 15-mins daily. Even their web site says, "In short, comfortable, 15-minute, pain-free treatments each day users can experience a noticeable improvement in their complexion." Good luck with it. Let us know how it goes.
  15. Beauty Skin Diary - Week 2 I haven't noticed any changes since last week. I've continued to break out in all the usual places, and my comedones have not decreased. As usual, I have good and bad days. I should note that I've switched to using a cleanser called Spectrojel, which is supposed to be for sensitive and oily skin. CONCLUSION: No changes. I haven't had any negative side effects.