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  1. UD IS THE BOMB I buy two at a time it keeps my eyeshadow on for over 12 hrs
  3. I LOVE LAURA MERCIER SECRET CAMO IT IS THE BEST. It matches my skin perfect and covers EVERYTHING even the cyst like red bumps. This is my HOLY GRAIL concealer.
  4. yes www.folica.com. I researched there before finally purchasing the Sedu it has been 2 years and still going strong both my daughter and I use it. It does not pull your hair and leaves it smooth.
  5. I checked out makeupalley.com and found reviews on Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator. I ordered it thru drugstore.com and have been using it for a week and I actually see longer eyelashes..It may just be me but it sure looks like it. Alot of people reviewing this same product had alot of good respones with this product. Best of all it is only $3.99
  6. ACV=APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Works wonders. My daughter swears by it. She used to have really bad clogged pores on her cheek. Very smooth now. We mix 1:1 ratio half acv and half distilled water. Smells like salad but my daughter said it works.
  7. look up http://www.geocities.com/bonnecasey/OCM.html this has been working for me about 3 weeks now. I did have the initial breakouts but my skin has never been so clear.
  8. SEARCH THE WEB FOR OIL CLEANSING METHOD...castor oil and olive oil. They should sell both at walgreens. Been using it for 3 weeks now and my skin has become unclogged with bits of plugs coming out from my nose.
  9. I don't know about this certain dri trick. But I read about Milk of Magnesia on the skin and you know what I have been using it for a week and NO OIL ALL DAY. I put it on in the AM with a makeup sponge and no oil....
  10. My daugher is 14 and has had 2 pimples that have gotten so infected that she had to take antibiotics for at least 4 weeks for each time she has gotten them. These actually have to be drained by a derm. (disgusting). Anyway I was in search of something for her after using proactiv, murad, cetaphil. Finally at last she uses Philosophy Purity made simple soap but I really think you can use any soap THE KEY IS TO USE BRAGG'S APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ON YOUR FACE LIKE A TONER. Her face had bumps (con
  11. DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!! My daughter is 14 and I tried everything...nothing seemed to work from Proactiv to you name it. I read about ACV on makeupalley.com and almost 6 months later my daughter has the most beautiful skin...it glows. Keep at it...
  12. My daughter gets red blotches when she uses BP on just her pimples only. I think she is allergic to it.
  13. CHECK OUT ANY MAKEUP PRODUCTS ON makeupalley.com hundreds of reviews for each item and thousands of products
  14. Try MAC Powerpoint pencils, my faves are Engraved (grey-gunmetal)not as harsh as black and Bountiful Brown (bronze-copper) makes brown eyes pop. Or try Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners. go to website makeupalley.com and you can check out any makeup line and people review the products and tell you either it is a hit or a miss Hope this helps