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  1. I've been on the CSR for a few weeks and I'm thinking of switching to a moisturizer with AHA as I've been reading this is supposed to work well in combination with benzoyl peroxide. I've tried some of Dan's recommended products -- Neutrogena Healthy Skin w/ AHA SPF 15 -- but this lotion leaves my skin feeling greasy. Cetaphil moisturizers and creams are also too thick. I wanted to try Eucerin Renewal, but I think this product has been discontinued and its also difficult to find Eucerin produc
  2. Hi LLJay- I'm not sure if I have an answer about the cysts. I also get deep cysts on my chin, which is my only problem really, I rarely get pimples on any other part of my face. I only get these monsters probably once every 4-6 weeks, so its difficult for me to say at this point if my new regimen (azelaic acid in the morning, benzoyl peroxide 2.5% at night) is working or not. The azelaic acid and clindamycin I was using for a month didn't seem to do anything to prevent the huge cyst on my chi
  3. Hi Willow- Thanks I received the contact info. Part of the reason my derm gave me the 2.5% was because I had tried brevoxyl (4.5% BP) over a year ago and my skin had a bad reaction and I stopped using it (got 2 new zits formed a day or two after I started applying it, but that time the derm I was seeing had me applying it twice a day from the get-go and never told me about gradually starting it. So my plan is to gradually add the 2.5% BP for a while, increase to twice a day, and see if my skin
  4. Hi willow569-- Thanks so much for your comments, I'm amazed but we seem to have the same story! I took the retin-A to help clear my pores and I only used to get 1-2 PMS chin zits ocassionally (and like you, not even every month). But the retin-A resulted in what felt like a hugh cyst forming below the skin on my chin, which later erupted to a crop of large chin papules that were very different from my previous chin zits (much deeper, with a large patch of red irritated skin on the chin, and the
  5. No, I wasn't using any fertility treatments or stressing out, and I wasn't on the birth control pill either. I've always had a tendency to get a zit or two on my chin, but the severity of these chin zits seems much worse since the Retin-A breakout 2 years ago. I think the Retin-A breakout may have slightly damaged something underneath the skin, making my pores more likely to get infected. Or maybe its a combination of that breakout combined with hormones and entering my early 30s...? Yeah, I
  6. So here is my dermotologist report. After he saw my chin he noted that the blemish was large and quite deep. Initially he recommended I add erythromycin (oral antibiotic) and benzac gel (benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) to my regimen. But, I was very hesitant about the oral antibiotic since I'm trying to get pregnant and actually might already be a few weeks pregnant. When I pushed him further on that issue he said that while safe, generally when anyone gets pregnant they will recommend them to stop t
  7. Are you female or male? your story sounds similar to what I've been dealing with. I only get pimples on my chin and when I do, its enormous and takes a long time to go away. The whole cycle (detection, emerging and forming zit, gradual lessening and clearance) seems to take about 2 weeks. I took antibiotics a year ago and that cleared me up, but I can't take them now since I'm trying to get pregnant. My derm told me if I weren't trying to get pregnant, he'd recommend an antibiotic and topical
  8. Yeah, I think I had a really bad reaction to the Retin-A. In the past I have had the occasional deep pimple, but what came up on my chin after a few weeks of Retin-A was really crazy - never had I gotten such deep, red, severe pimples like that before. The worse part is that my chin doesn't seem to have returned to normal since that episode. The skin is slightly pink, and any zit I get turns into a monster. Thanks for your advice, I'll definitely ask about the Sulfacet, though the derm's bee
  9. Ok, here is my story. Since my teens I have had relatively clear skin, with a blemish coming up on my chin quite regularly that would take about a week to go away (hormonal, I think, usually during ovulation or before my period). But about 2 years ago (when I was 30) I started using Retin-A to help with the blackheads in my T-zone and about a month later I had a bad reaction just on my chin - it started erupting into very deep pimples, very red skin, and took at least a month to fully clear.