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  1. I've posted a few times before but i am kinda new here. As i stated in earlier posts i ahve very large pores and blackheads all over my face. Others say that they aren't noticable but to me they are and no matter what i seem to do, they don't go away (i've been using glycolic and salycylic acids every day). I also have very oily skin. Recently i discovered a website that sells at home chemical peels, and they have a 15% salycilic acid peel. They also have Glycolic Acid peels that go from 35
  2. You are quite right tim, i should have mentioned that men and boys are increasingly becoming more and more affected by their bodies as well. There has been a growth in problems such as biggerexia or muscle dysmorphia where men look in the mirror and see a small meak wimp when in fact they are quite built. Because of this, we are seeing more and more men using steroids or prescribing to unhealthy obsessions with their bodies. And i don't think you are vain at all for worrying about how you
  3. I have to agree with you on this one. When i look at famous men, there are a ton out there who have bad skin who people still find to be attractive. Seal, Lawrence Fishburn, and even Brad Pitt seem to have some scaring due to acne yet they are still gorgeous by our standards. If you see a pic of a dude and he has large pores and oily skin, you don't really notice it too much (at least i don't). Most commercials trying to sell anti-wrinkle products and acne related products are for women..
  4. being short for girls isnt bad at all and the big boobs is helping ppl distract from ur red marks, if u were like an A cup with acne guys wud never want u...but ur tits r defintly helping u..use them to ur advantage
  5. Sorry i have to chime in again here. The last few posters are very right, the best way to see results is to put some effort into your workout, eat right and use the proper supplements (omega 3, some protien powders. etc). Nothing comes to you without a little bit of elbow grease and hard work. As some others posted up creatine can help with muscle recovery but really is not going to cause you to bulk up overnight (unless you want to bulk up with extra water weight). Also (and please correc
  6. 5'2" isn't short at all! In fact i think it is a perfect hieght for a woman to be! I myself am 5'3" almost 5'4" and i used to be so worried about being short. At 24 i would look at girls around me who were 15-16 and were very tall (it seems that the next generation of girls are much taller). I always wore heels (and i still do most of the time) to make myself seem taller. But i recently bought myself a great pair of flats and i suddenly realized that at 5'3" i am totally great. I too have
  7. Geez, why can't all guys be like you? I've gotten to know so many guys who i get along great with but was so afraid that they wouldn't go for me because i have slight imperfections that i've cut off contact with them before they could find out how imperfect i am.
  8. how can creatine cause acne? creatine is naturally occuring in meat and is also made by the body. your skeletal muscles are full of it whether you choose to supplement with extra or not. its essential for normal healthy cell function (energy production via atp) and to say that it causes acne would be like saying water causes acne and what do you mean you dont know whats in it? the only thing in creatine is creatine. its a nitrogenous organic acid, not some kind of strange manufactured substan
  9. You know...i actually have some wood glue sitting in my cupboard right now...i am going to have to check this out! I have been using the 2% BHA gel now for about 2 months...it have noticed a difference so maybe i am wanting it to work miracles when it really can't...
  10. I always have this whole fantasy about all people becoming blind and experiencing the wolrd without being able to really see people. The results would most likley be chaotic yet interesting at the same time. You are quite right about a lot of good looking people as well. Now i am not generalizing here but a lot of people that i have met who have girls/guys flocking over them at all times have personalities comparable to a cow's butt. I know beautiful women who are very intelligent but have
  11. Hey all, i am new here but i just wanted to pipe in on this one! I really have to agree with you on this one. When most people look at themselves they only see their imperfections, yet when others look at them they only see their perfections. When i see some one who i think is really beautiful, thin, has perfect hair and skin, i get jelouse and to be honest i would feel very self -concious being around them. When you are with someoen that has some noticable imperfections though, i think yo
  12. I always seem to go back to MAC actually. I have had problems with my skin being very oily and i get blackheads very easily so i am very very picky about what i used as makeup. I've tried a couple of different brands both drugstore and makeup counter and i find that MAC seems to have the best colors that work for my skin (i am very very fair and have no yellow tones in my skin...only red tones). In regards to it not being for acne prone skin, it may depend on what type of foundation you are
  13. Hi all, i am new here but i have struggled with very oily skin my whole life (probably since i was about 9 or 10...i am not 24). While i only have acne breakouts only a couple times a month, i have a ton of blackheads all over my face and very large pores. The blackheads come out easily when i squeeze them but they come back right away. Another problem that i have is very rough skin. While my skin may be oily, when i sweep my hand over my face it often times feels very rough, like i have a h