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  1. Hello! It's been a while since I posted on here. After a long period of trial and error I think I know how I to shave my sensitive skin now. Every time I have to shave I do the following: 1. I Get a glass of warm water, and let my razor in it. This will heat the blades up and clean the razor itself. 2. I wash my face with Cetaphil soap bar and rinse. I use warmer water than usual. I only dry my forehead up. 3. I spread some "Proraso pre cream", which is a eucalyptus oil cream that we have her
  2. man, honestly, you can apply the gel with no risk... that point in isotretinoin is the pill form, not the gel form! i've taken isotretinoin in pill form, and it has definitely worked on my skin condition. i'm somewhere near 100% clear. i still have red marks and scars though. you should apply some topical, it's the only way you have to know if it would work for you... do you have a decent moisturizer? being on a healty diet and exercising is as good as possible, but there are only two ways that
  3. hi dude... you should not overtake vitamin a!!! and probably you are not going to find a sole vitamin a supplement. i don't think that taking vitamin a supplments would help you in any case! i told you about isotretinoine. isotretinoine taken as an oral prescription is totally different from a isotretinoine base gel-cream... if your doctor has prescribed this gel to you, you should pick it up and apply it once or twice a day (ask your doctor!). do not exceed in amount. if it dries out your skin,
  4. are you telling me some datas, please? how much zinc are you going to intake? i've read around 50mg is a good amount. if you're having too much zinc, you should also get some copper tablets. you must know that the point (and the problem) in omega3 and 6 is that you should reach a proper omega3:omega6 ratio. i always notice that my skin is less oily when i have omega3 pills. i've been on a 3gr of omega3 per day dose. you're supposed to start from a 1gr dose up to 3 gr dose. as for vitamine A, all
  5. maybe in the short run ok, let's suppose you don't get pimples from not washing your face, how are you going to face the incoming dry winter? i think not washing would work if you're living in a hot and sunny city, but when temperatures go down to 5°C, you might need to moisturize even if your skin is 100% perfect... cold dries out your skin, and a dry skin is not healty...
  6. no way. not washing your face would result in harder pore clogging ===> pimples. not moisturizing would dry your skin out, expecially in winter.
  7. i've been doing nothing but washin/moisturizing for 6 months now... so far no results. i think we're supposed to try everything to trat red marks. it's also a matter of your personal skin tone, i think...
  8. Hi, as a young men (20 years old) i have to shave regularly. I've tried many shavers, both classical (Gilette single-blade, dual-blade, aswell as many others, i've also tried those shavers women use for their legs) and electrical tools. All of them were from quite to very irritating to my skin, i always ended my shaving having red skin for a few hours. Two weeks ago i've bought a triple-blade shaver, it has got one E Vitamine band above the blades and one Aloe Vera band below the blades... The n
  9. as far as i rememeber, zinc is mostly used as a product to renew your skin, it's not actually something you use as a treatment. that's my humble opinion too. i've tried zinc 2 years ago, with no actual success, maybe it reduced my oilness, but i'm not even sure it was because of zinc. if i were in your shoes, i'd try it for a few weeks, but maybe you have to concentrate on other thing (eating healty, training...). By the way, how much zinc are you getting, per day? i've read around 50 mg per day
  10. thanks for your post Deadbeat007 when i started accutan, i was on a 50 mg/die dose. I've been on that dose for a month or so, than i have been moved on a 40 mg/die dose (for about 3 weeks). At that time my face was 100% breaking out the hard way, sometimes i did not go to univerisity and lost lessons because of my face... anyway after that time i've been put on 30 mg/die for 1 month, then 20 mg/die and now i'm on 10mg/die dose on alternate days hope this helps
  11. I know 144 days it's a big jump, i'm sorry about not updating this log let's move on: Day #150 (approx) yeahhh it's been 5 months since i started Accutan, and i have had great results, my skin is 90-95% clear and i'm totally happy about this... Accutan, this is a fact, is a great drug, but it also provides some pains: dry lips, liver pain at times, headaches, low back pain, makes you get mad about every single thing and so on (at least thats what i felt, and still feel sometimes, as i'm no