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  1. As for the spots on your outer lips, i would leave them and not burst them as when i usually pop them they come back straight away as that is where u sweat the most
  2. I was recently using a shampoo and toothpaste which both contained Sodium Lauryl sulphate which gave me acne on my back and a few around my mouth. Any recommendations on a gentle shampoo and decent toothpaste?? thanks guys
  3. possibly a boil, try putting hot cotton wool on twice a day until a head forms
  4. First wash has been a success alot smoother complexion and dried up all previous spots. Skins slightly dry so i might only do it for 45 seconds next time
  5. As for this soaking technique, i have always washed with warm water then cold water to dry my skin out but il give this new one a try
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  8. Hi there, been browsing this forum for the last few months for a bit more advice really. Im 20 years old from Bristol in the UK. Im a sales executive and a semi pro dj I would say im a pretty good looking lad and ive got a absolutely stunning girlfriend which makes acne even more of a burden to me! If i was single im sure i would cope more! Ive had mild acne since i left school (16) and when i hit 18 I had one really bad breakout which gave me a boil too which really took a long time to go a