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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of a doctor that would perform punch procedure at a reasonable cost in california. I've tried tca at least 10 treaments for large ice pick on my nose and between my eyes with no luck, so i guess punch technique is the only thing left. If you be kind enough to include cost of the procedure that would be great. thanks
  2. lower tca may not peel your skin like in layers if you have thick oily skin like I do. i tried 12.5 and it didn't really peel in layers, At 25% tca was the magic bullet for me
  3. I've done about 10 or 12 tca cross on certain scars, what I have found out is that if you get brown spots it takes quite a bit of time to fade, at least in my case it did. Also try using retin A.
  4. I don't intend to respond publicly to this posting anymore since its gotten way too negative for my taste, so anyone who is diy when it comes to acid and wish to take your adivce instead error on the side of caution . I wish them the best of luck, wouldn't want anyone to get hurt thats the bottom line. If anyone has any question pertaining feel free and pm me, I will try to give honest advice with an explain things in detail if possible. Do the only place you do research is on here and we
  5. DR. RAPAPORT WEBSITE They don't even recommend higher concentration and indicate higher concentration of TCA is VERY RISKY. Even on here people rrecommend peels for mild acne scaring! Recent studies have shown that the reticular dermis heals with scarring. They offer an explanation for some of the increased risk associated with the use of TCA for deeper peels, suggesting that peeling with higher TCA concentrations is very riskyand definitely not recommended.8 We also have limited ex
  6. When you said you did your research, if you had gone to the acne info on acid peels there are hundreds of people who have done peels and from what I have actually read so far they tend to support my case more so than yours about acid peels and scars and before anyone starts to debate about tca , aha and phenol peels. Its all about the concentration folks light concentration isn't really going to do anything strong concentration that will scab you over is where problems come up. Anonymous Dec
  7. If you had bothered to read my all of my posting, how in the world did you come up with the fact that i was in anyway shape or form promoting lasers? If anything I gave an accurate assessment of what non co2 fraxel can do for acne scar and indicated it was not worth the price . Furthermore, when I said that non co2 lasers carry with it very little risk being since its not frying the top layer of your skin, and punching holes underneath, what tends to happen is that the procedure is more of a
  8. I would beg to differ here, with all do respect. With all do respect, one really has to look at the science behind treatments and the end result. Acids are less predictable than lasers. With non co2 lasers often times you are disappointed with the end resul, but no real damage if you followed the doctors direction. With acid you can get 2nd and third degree burns from them, plus that unnatural plastic shinny look to your skin even if you didn't get a burn. Any acid that you put on your fac
  9. I realize he was asking about TCA, I'm totally against it for most people, as I stated in my original posting. " You have to be white as white can be, thick skin, and procedure performed by a very experience md. "Experience" being one that messed up other people faces with acid so he knows whether you are good candidate for the procedure" With that being stated the only acid that most people should ever use is an aha peel in low % this is what most doctors use when they say power peel. This
  10. I assume you are Caucasian, this is very typical Caucasin tends to develop fine wrinkles at an extremely young age. This problem arises partly because of genetics and the color of one skin. If you lead a unhealthy lifestyle smoking and rinking it can increase the number of wrinkles you have, stay out of the sun if possible. Your forehead the best option there is botox without any doubt since the wrinkles only appear when you smile or raise your eyebrows, under relax states they don't tend
  11. lasers can do wonders for sun damage skin there no question about that, I've seen them in action and I'm always amazed by the results our clients get, its a marked improvement even after 1 treatment. I would recommend that you go to your md and see what sort of laser he or she suggest for your skin condition. With regards to your chicken pox like scar. If the scar is a result of some sort of burn, I have not seen anything that would help burn victims whether it be from fire or from acid bur
  12. I had an opportunity to contact a friend who works in the army division of medicine. he informed that AFIRM is not a company. It the military research and development to improve battlefield injury this is quoted from popular science Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM), a consortium of 30 research institutions established in March by the U.S. Department of Defense. As far as he is aware of their is no product known product that eats scars and replaces it with scarless s
  13. I believe Acell is not approved by the FDA for human use, I understand that acne scars are a terrible thing, I also suffer from moderate/ severe acne, but I would not put this product on my face after co2 or dermabrasion procedure you don't know if it would impair healing, make the scar worst, or cause cancer. One of the best thing you can do for healing is just stay indoors keep the wound nice and moist, even after the scabs have fallen off. I've read in a recent medical journal that f
  14. what is your opinion about either tretinoin cream 0.05% or tazorac gel 0.1% I haven't seen many people use tazorac, since it hasn't been on the market as long as other vitamin A derived products. I think that the average person would benefit from 0.025 of generic tretinoin. You should increase your percentage if you tend to have extremely oily thick skin, at 0.1 % can leave your skin feeling itchy and red. When using these products especially high percentages, you should not even thin
  15. sub incision is performed by using a syringe with a special tip at the end, but you can do it with a diabetic syringe works just as well. The hole that is left by a syringe is extremely small and will heal without any real trauma to your skin and no I'm not motivated by money that's why I will not post where I work at because it would defeat the purpose of my posting. i just got tired of people doing things to themselves without knowing the proper technique and the rationale behind their a