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  1. 85 Percent real cocoa from trader joe's its good for the skin.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. My bitch ass sister would call me pimple face. Or when I had a zit in a wierd area she would point at it and say whats that...Fucken bitch.
  3. Im pathetic. I cant even go to a store. I let my mom go for me(im 19 going on 20) Im such a fucken loser I just went to a concert with my mom.... I cant even go to purchase things on my own with out getting funny looks. Grocery stores are the worst.
  4. NO. Everything is always falling apart. Never ANY good.
  5. theres this group of white chicks that think there all that I see around town when ever one of them see me(the big giant fat one) she starts snickering at me the whole time im around here. Shes fucking ugly I want to fucken punch her in the face. And she just keeps laughing and laughing. There nothing I can do becuase Im usally waiting in line to buy something and theres like 5 of and me alone. I cant believe this happens to me at the age of 19.... there about my age or older too. But the big fa
  6. Lucky Bitch. I mean that in the kindest most sincerely way.
  7. I say put exlax in his breakfast. That way he wont talk so much "Shit" anymore. Right...the shit will just come out the other end. It's not talking by that point. O.K.
  8. It seems like our age group suffers from acne more then the younger ones. I rarely see younger people/kids then me with acne its seems like 19-20(my age group suffer from it worst)
  9. Im just wondering the average age of us acne sufferers... This sounds stupid and crazy ive noticed alot of people around my age seem to have acne.... and started having acne at around the same time as me.(im 19 now and have had acne 6-7 years now) Im wondering if maybe we were....eh I cant think of the word but something that made us all get acne around the same time and were all the same age seems a little strange to me....
  10. I say put exlax in his breakfast. That way he wont talk so much "Shit" anymore.