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  1. maybe because your mother fucken ugly? that's fucked up. don't always blame it on the mother. try the father, too. oops my mistake
  2. oh gravity switchfoot eh snow red hot chili peppers this aint a scene it a arms race fallout boy
  3. show me elsewhere ive been a bad bad boy..........
  4. funny how the thread i put no thought into is my most responded XD
  5. i dont understand :S who used whos name?? im just typeing it to get my kicks I typed is backwards and he has a hissy fit. Like anyone cares.
  6. me with acne: i would ignore you me without acne: "HEY!!!!, come here you! come here you! (you walk to me) I'M GONNA KICK YOUR BUTT!" I think either way i would ignore.... just with acne the person im ignoring wouldnt care and continue bothering me with out acne and its like a slap to the face to the person i would ignore.
  7. Couldnt have said it better. I will never be the "Real Me" agian. Fucken shit
  8. why is it the threads i want of mine to die dont and the ones I want to get responses dont....
  9. acne and some hair on top lovely
  10. I dont know why I guess its the way I look but I can never joke about myself with a person. They tend to think they can say what ever the hell they want after.
  11. It depends on what you can take, some people can, others can't. I started drinking this stuff today and I certianly need to drink it when eatting something or I feel like I'm going throw up badly. But people do advise that you don't drink it with a empty stomach. funny i just started taking ACV 3 times a day with out reading this post and yeah it does kinda help with the skin. It doesnt cure acne(nothing does) but I see a noticeable difference.
  12. I too had problems with dans regimen. It made my skin break out worse.(it didnt use to) The only thing I use now is dial soap in the morning and right before I go to sleep. Yellow(gold?) bar.
  13. because people are ass wipes. People say looks dont matter and shit like that but in reality thats all that matters. If you look like a freak(me breakouts all over hair on top) people will treat you like a freak.